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In today’s episode, I’ll be reviewing the X Factor Diet System. I couldn’t find the author of this weight loss program which isn’t a good sign, but that didn’t stop the seller from making some dank sales claims. The product claims to teach you a bunch of the generic sales claims including how to make your workouts shorter but more efficient, how to make a few quick fixes to get the sexy body you want, and how to lose fat permanently.

Meh, all of the generic claims that I’ve heard a billion times – let’s see if the X Factor Diet System lives up to its enormous claims.

Nor I Or The Big Boss Are Affiliated With The X Factor Diet System Or Its Creator

For yall new Health Fanatics, I want you to know that every single review that I write is with your best interest in mind. Even if it means that I make less money for whatever reason, my current way of doing business is that my clients best interests are in mind (marketing guru Jay Abrahams says to refer to buyers as clients, not customers).

I’m completely honest with my reviews, and I do my best to make sure that the only products you purchase are ones that give you the most value at an affordable cost.

Damn, that was deep. Let’s get into the review.

X Factor Diet System Featured Image

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X Factor Diet System Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

The X Factor Diet System is just another generic weight loss product that contains a bunch of fluff filled information. It includes a few good principles for weight loss, but it would be extremely confusing for a health newbie to separate the good information from the bad. It also contains stacks of woo-woo, motivational, spiritual type of information.

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X Factor Diet System With Some Annoying Popup Upsells

After purchasing the original product, I encountered some upsells of generic diet/exercise products.

X Factor Diet System Upsell 1

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X Factor Diet System Upsell 3

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X Factor Diet System Upsell 4

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You would think that the most annoying thing was getting past that big yellow annoying button that was stopping me from clicking the decline option. But nope, after declining the offer, I was met with an annoying as hell little popup that, through a mp3 file played in the background, said, “I know you mistakingly clicked the decline offer – don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity…” Blah blah blah.

Ain’t nothin’ like a good ol’ product being jammed down your throat even when you click the decline option. Anyways, I managed to skip past all the upsells, and even on the download page was another product that the creator was trying to sell me.

X Factor Diet System Upsell 6

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Ugh, not a good start at all. I downloaded the X Factor Diet System and dove right in.

The X Factor Diet System Contains A Ton Of Misleading Information

The main reason why I wouldn’t recommend you to buy the X Factor Diet System is because of the amount of misleading weight loss information that it contains. First off, the angle that it takes is the main reason why you gain weight and hold onto fat is because of free radicals and the amount of toxicity that’s contained in your body.

X Factor Diet System Free Radicals

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X Factor Diet System Free Radicals 1

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The author then proceeds by providing a bunch of foods that contain antioxidants to fight the free radicals, which as he says, will help you to lose weight and burn fat.

X Factor Diet System Food Suggestions 1

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X Factor Diet System Food Suggestions 2

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Now I’m all about including micronutrient-dense foods to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. But if we’re talking weight loss strictly, the number one requirement for you to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit.

Guys and gals, you can gain weight eating healthy food if you’re in a caloric surplus, and you can lose weight eating unhealthy food if you’re in a caloric deficit. There are a number of stories of people who ate “unhealthy” food and lost weight because they were in a caloric deficit.

Now am I advocating this way? Not at all. But if we’re talking weight loss strictly, your caloric maintenance is what matters the most. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe the guys and gals over at Harvard.

The author also makes a bunch of other statements like how eating multiple times a day will help you feel fuller and is better for you and your weight loss journey.

X Factor Diet System Metab

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While some people find it easier to eat multiple times a day, it’s definitely not the only way to do it. I’ve lost over 70 pounds only eating 1 or 2 huge meals a day; this protocol is called Intermittent Fasting, and I found that this way of eating works a lot better for me compared to eating 6-7 small meals a day.

The last bit of misleading information that the author has provided is just a bit of overpromised, overhyped results.

X Factor Diet System Projections

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I don’t really like overhyped, unrealistic projections. Things like “lose 30 pounds in 30 days” just get peoples hopes up and then let them down. Now what I’m about to say is talking from complete experience: True, permanent, everlasting weight loss comes from consistency. In my opinion, the main reason why people fail to lose weight is because they try a new fad diet or exercise routine for a few weeks. Maybe they get some results or maybe they don’t, but they go back to their old habits and then fall back into an unhealthy spiral.

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The X Factor Diet System Contains A Ton of Spiritual/Woo Woo Information

The other thing that I noticed about this so-called weight loss product is that it contains stacks of spiritual/motivational/woo woo information. Now I’m not saying that this is bad or good; some people like it, others don’t. But if you’re buying a product that promises to teach you the logistics of weight loss, you should be solely presented with that type of information, and not jam over half of the book with spiritual information.

X Factor Diet System Contents

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Here’s a couple of screenshots of the specifics that I’m talking about.

X Factor Diet System Motivation 33

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X Factor Diet System Motivation 1

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X Factor Diet System Motivation 3

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Like I said, I’m not saying this is “good” or “bad” information; I just want you to know that at least 30% of the content in this product are dedicated towards this type of stuff.

X Factor Diet System Final Rating: D

The X Factor Diet System is just another overhyped weight loss product with a bunch of fluff. Also, the weight loss principles that it mentions can easily be found with a free search on Google. It’s overpriced, fluff-filled, and it’s definitely not worth the $37.

Your money and time are better invested elsewhere.

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