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Today, I’ll be going through a product created by Tyler Bramlett called CT-50. Tyler claims that his product contains an ancient secret forgotten by modern health and fitness gurus that can help you lose up to 70 lbs without going to a gym or following a strict diet regimen. He also says that with his weight loss program, you won’t need to starve yourself, spend hours upon hours at the gym, and you can even eat a bit of pizza and alcohol with this program. Lastly, he claims that his good friend Sarah lost 71 lbs using CT-50 with only 39 minutes per week exercising – all in the comfort of her own home.

All of the typical claims about losing tons of weight without too much work. Let’s see if Tyler can deliver a high-quality product that’s worth my recommendation.

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CT-50 Review Summary

If you haven’t got time to stick around and read the whole review, here’s a quick little review snippet for you to get the gist of the product and be on your way:

CT-50 is a product that’s worth your time and money investment. Tyler has included a ton of valuable weight loss information on the keystones of weight loss (diet and exercise) and he’s managed to keep the fluff out of it. CT-50 is designed in an extremely easy-to-follow, step-by-step format that includes everything you need if you want to lose weight.

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CT-50 And A Few Upsells To Begin With

After purchasing Tyler Bramlett’s weight loss program, a few upsells were on offer. These upsells included a bodyweight workout video course, an ab workout guide, and a recovery guide to help those achy muscles of yours.

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If you decide to purchase this product, take some time to look at the upsells and see if there’s anything in particular that catches your eye. After I skipped the upsells, I was taken to the CT-50 membership site which looks a lil’ something like this.

CT-50 Membership Site

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The first thing that I noticed about CT-50 is how well developed and structured the exercise program is.

CT-50’s Exercise Program Is On Fleek

The exercise program is designed to help you start from whatever exercise level you’d consider yourself to be at, and work your way up from there. For example, if you’re completely new to exercise, you’d do the CT-50 exercise test and probably find yourself starting with the Level 1 workouts. However, if you’ve got some experience under your belt, you may choose to begin with the Level 3 or 4 workouts that they’ve included.

CT-50 Exercise Program 1

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CT-50 Exercise Program 2

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CT-50 Exercise Program 3

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The majority of the exercises don’t require any equipment, so don’t worry if you think that you’re going to need a whole rack of weights to do these workouts.

Also, Tyler has included a few workout trackers and wallcharts for each workout that you can use to monitor your progress, which adds to the “step-by-step” feel of the program.

CT-50 Tracker

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CT-50 Wall Chart

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But the exercise program is just one component of a weight loss program (and it’s not even the most important one). Because he did such a great job on this, I expected the same quality towards the CT-50 nutrition strategy.

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CT-50’s Nutrition Strategy Has A Strong Foundation

Tyler Bramlett’s nutrition strategy in CT-50 has a strong grasp of the fundamentals. He’s an advocate for drinking tons of water, eating real, wholesome foods which fill you up, and he also gives a bit of educative information as it relates to the macronutrients that make up your calories.

CT-50 Nutrition Strategy 1

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CT-50 Nutrition Strategy 3

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CT-50 Nutrition Strategy 4

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Not only has he included the fundamentals of a great weight loss nutrition strategy, but he’s also included a bit of information on not-so-talked-about topics such as meal timing, and he’s included a bit of info on great supplements to take too.

CT-50 Nutrition Strategy 5

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The only thing that would’ve topped off the nutrition strategy is a bit of information on cheat meals. Cheat meals are great for you, both from a physiological and psychological perspective, as it gives your body a break from dieting and allows it to recharge after being in an underfed state, and it also just keeps you hella’ sane.

Last Little Tidbits About CT-50

Here are a few extra points about Tyler Bramlett’s product which I thought would be useful for you to know.

First off, a ton of bonuses came with CT-50. I mean, the product was already a solid 7/10, but then the bonuses bumped it up to at least an 8/10.

CT-50 Bonuses

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And the last thing that bumped it up to a 10/10 was the amount of high-quality video content that Tyler has provided in his weight loss program. The video is clean-cut, the audio quality is crisp, and it includes 50 straightforward videos on how to perform the exercises listed in CT-50.

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And that’s it for my CT-50 Review!

CT-50 Review Final Rating: A

I’ll happily give this product a solid A. CT-50 includes great, valuable weight loss information with a strong nutrition strategy and an extremely guided exercise program for you to follow. He’s also included a ton of clean video content and a ton of bonuses to go along with it. For these reasons, I can happily recommend this product to you Health Fanatics.

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