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Hopefully yall are having a splendid day, and you’re ready for your fix of Real Weight Loss Reviews. In today’s episode, I’ll be going through Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne. Craig has been on this show before with his product 6 Minutes To Skinny product. He scored a solid C+ for that product, so I guess he’s trying to up his game and get the approval of big ol’ daddy Danyon Togia.

Craig Ballantyne claims that you can get amazing weight loss results in only 90 minutes per week. He says that the Turbulence Training program burns a lot more fat compared to boring treadmill cardio where you’re stuck walking on the spot for 45 minutes so that you can burn some calories. He also says that this style of workout will help ramp up your metabolism and allow your body to burn calories even AFTER the workout has finished.

Let’s see if Turbulence Training can withstand the wrath of the Weight Loss Product Gauntlet.

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Turbulence Training Review In Under 15 Seconds

If you just can’t stand my humor or egotistical writing style, I’ve done up a quick review summary for ya:

Turbulence Training is definitely one of the better weight loss products I’ve reviewed. The training protocol is extremely useful for weight loss and Craig has also provided videos and other resources to help you complete the workouts. The nutrition guide is fundamentally sound as well; it’s a great way to lose weight and burn fat while providing your body with the nutrition it needs to function and to be classified as “healthy”.

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Turbulence Training And Some Upsells To Go With It

After purchasing Craig Ballantyne’s product, I was met with the generic upsells of diet and exercise products.

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Once I declined the offers, I got stuck into the product. To be completely honest, I went into this product with the mindset of “Yeah, this is just going to be another mediocre product like 6 Minutes To Skinny.”

But Craig Ballantyne surprised me with an excellent, fundamentally-sound weight loss product.

The Turbulence Training Protocol Is Extremely Beneficial For Weight Loss

Within the past 5 or so years, you may have seen a sudden rush of popularity in a style of training called High-Intensity Interval Training. This method of training is ultimately periods of high-intensity exercise followed by periods of rest. Repeat this for a number of times, and you’ve got yourself an HIIT workout. Studies have shown that this type of training is extremely beneficial for weight loss not only because of the quickness and effectiveness of the workouts but especially because HIIT has shown to burn calories even after the workout has finished.

For example – this study was completed by the researchers at the University of Notre Dame. The researchers found that “…Aerobic exercise has numerous benefits for high-risk populations and such benefits, especially weight loss, are amplified with HIIT.” There are also a number of other benefits that come with HIIT, so including it in your workout routine will have significant results for your weight loss journey.

The Turbulence Training protocol is an HIIT-styled workout. It includes a number of exercises which are performed at high intensity for a period of time, followed by rest. The thing that I liked the most about Turbulence Training is that Craig Ballantyne has included a number of different resources, including guides, pictures, and videos, to help you understand and complete the workout.

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Craig Ballantyne has gone the extra mile to provide you with every a number of resources to help you complete the workouts. Whatta champ!

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The Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide Is Fundamentally Sound

The great thing about the nutrition side of Turbulence Training is that it’s a healthy and natural way to lose weight without counting calories. Craig Ballantyne has included the fundamentals of a stable diet including information about protein, vegetables, fruits, water, etc. His rules and eating methods are really easy to follow and bring great results in the process.

For example, here are a few screenshots of the nutrition guide to show you the simplicity of the program.

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By the way, this isn’t all of the fat loss rules; If I screenshotted everything, you’d pretty much be getting the product for free, and it’ll take up waaay too many pages. These are just a few of the essential weight loss principles that Craig has mentioned worked for him and his clients.

Turbulence Training Final Rating: A-

Yeah, Craig Ballantyne has surpassed my expectations. He’s created a fundamentally sound weight loss product with all of the resources that you’ll need to complete it. The style of training has proven to be extremely beneficial for weight loss, and he’s included video resources to help you complete it. On top of that, the nutrition guide is an excellent way to lose weight without counting calories.

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