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I’m not gonna lie – It’s 5:21pm here in sunny ol’ New Zealand, and I’m sippin’ on a cuppa black coffee, and I’m in the mood to review some weight loss products. Today, I’ll be going through Flat Belly Fix by Todd Lamb. Todd has made a few of the generic claims that you’ll hear on the majority of weight loss products – he claims that Flat Belly Fix will help you to lose your lower stubborn belly fat in just 21 days. He also says that Flat Belly Fix contains an ancient spice that converts bad fat into good fat that actually burns calories. He also says that it will help you to experience the following benefits:

  • Rapid weight loss without side effects
  • Transform your metabolism from sugar burner to fat burner
  • Improve your sex life
  • Improve your hair and skin health
  • Boost your thyroid so you can burn fat faster
  • Much, much more!

Let’s see if Todd Lamb’s product is something that’s worth your time and money investment.

Btw – I’m Not an Affiliate for Flat Belly Fix

Just so you’re aware, the team here at HealthVI isn’t affiliated with Todd Lamb or his Flat Belly Fix product. We dedicate this site to providing you with real, honest, entertaining reviews that inform you on the sea of fluff there is in the health and fitness market. We do our best to help you so that you’re not wasting your hard earned money on expensive, fluff-filled products, and instead, invest in affordable products which deliver quality health and fitness advice to you.

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Flat Belly Fix Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

I was quite excited seeing Todd Lamb’s name again since I’ve previously reviewed a few of his other products, including the Specforce Alpha program which was a straight up awesome product. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about this product. Flat Belly Fix contains a few good points on some key concepts in relation to weight loss, but it was missing the “zing” that I was expecting. Read on to find out more as to why I can’t recommend this product to you.

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Flat Belly Fix With A Few Upsells

There was a total of four upsells following the purchase of Flat Belly Fix. These upsells included an online coaching membership trial, a yoga and cardio guide, a recipe book, and a turmeric supplement.

Flat Belly Fix Upsells 3

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Flat Belly Fix Upsells 1

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Flat Belly Fix Upsells 4

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Flat Belly Fix Upsells 2

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to the Flat Belly Fix membership site that looks like this.

Flat Belly Fix Membership Site

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After scoping the main guide, I find one positive feature about Flat Belly Fix that was worth mentioning in this review.

Flat Belly Fix Contains Some Pretty Solid Educational Information

The best thing about Flat Belly Fix is the fact that it contains some pretty solid information about a few topics including insulin resistance, leptin sensitivity, and a few “secret spices” that will aid you along your weight loss journey. Todd Lamb has done a great job of presenting the topic, a few key points around the subject, and how it can help you in relation to weight loss.

For example, here are a few screenshots about turmeric, how it relates to weight loss and the particular benefits that it can have for men.

Flat Belly Fix Tumeric 1

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Flat Belly Fix Tumeric 2

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Flat Belly Fix Tumeric 3

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Here’s how Todd Lamb presents the topic of leptin sensitivity, and how it relates to your weight loss journey.

Flat Belly Fix Leptin Sensitivity 1

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Flat Belly Fix Leptin Sensitivity 2

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And lastly, the way Todd presents the point of insulin resistance and its relation to weight loss makes it extremely easy to digest and understand; perfect for people new to the topic of weight loss.

Flat Belly Fix Insulin Resistance 1

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Flat Belly Fix Insulin Resistance 2

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However, even though Todd Lamb has included some solid information on a few random topics, it doesn’t make up for the lack of effort that was given to the implementable information and the Flat Belly Fix Protocol.

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The Flat Belly Fix Protocol Is Pretty Basic

It’s essentially a list of rules to follow including drinking a morning tea packed with micronutrients to start off your day, a list of food, and some other things in relation to the protocol.

Flat Belly Fix Protocol 1

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Flat Belly Fix Protocol 2

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Flat Belly Fix Protocol 3

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Flat Belly Fix Protocol 4

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This is the protocol summed up in 4 screenshots. It would have been nice to see something a little more easy to follow – perhaps a more in-depth 21-day chart that makes it easier for you to follow and understand, something visual for you to look at and keep track of as you undergo your 21-day Flat Belly Fix.

The lack of effort dedicated to the protocol wasn’t the only thing that was a downfall about Todd Lamb’s product; it also contained a few missing key elements that would’ve pumped up the value of the product.

Flat Belly Fix Is Missing A Few Things

The main thing missing about Flat Belly Fix is the quality and quantity of exercise information in the guide. Todd Lamb has included a short little guide with a few basic exercises and pictures to go along with it, but it’s not enough to cover the “why” and “how” of exercise, specifically topics such as resistance training, circuit training, high-intensity interval training, and steady state slow cardio and how you use these tools to accelerate the weight loss process.

Flat Belly Fix Exercise 1

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Flat Belly Fix Exercise 2

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Todd Lamb has included some video content to go along with the exercises, but it’s definitely not enough to make up for the lack of educational exercise information. It’s good, but it’s not great.

Flat Belly Fix Exercise 3

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Flat Belly Fix Exercise 4

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And that’s it for Todd Lamb’s Flat Belly Fix product!

Flat Belly Fix Final Rating: C+

I mean, it wasn’t terrible; I definitely have seen a lot worst. I’ve seen products that charge free information at a cost, including a bunch of motivational fluff and a bunch of other random information on topics with almost no relation to weight loss. With that being said, Todd Lamb’s Flat Belly Fix definitely isn’t something that I can recommend to you. There are much better products out there with more educational information, a better “how-to” layout plan, and lots of video content to support it. For these reasons, I can safely rate Flat belly Fix a solid C+.

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As always, if you health fanatics ever have any questions about Flat Belly Fix or any of the other products that I’ve reviewed, or you just wanna know more about ya boy Danyon Togia, just chuck me a comment below! I’ve been involved in this industry for 6+ years, so make sure you make use of me and the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained along the way.

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