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I’ll tell you what’s good – this dank episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews that you’re about to read. In today’s episode, I’ll be going through Meredith Shirk’s weight loss product called Wake Up Lean. Her sales page is full of clickbait headlines such as “Discover the breakthrough story of how a magical “Metabolism Mineral” found deep in the Jungles of Panama melts away up to 5 pounds of belly fat every seven days using this one trick…”

She claims that Wake Up Lean can help you burn fat without performing any joint-killing workouts, and also shrink your fat cells from the inside out to give you the best results possible. She also says that this product will reprogram your metabolism to burn up to 5 pounds of PURE fat every 7 days by making a few diet switches.

Man, I’m not gonna lie – before we get into the review, I just want to say that the last sales claim about burning 5 pounds of pure body fat every 7 days is full of crap. Maybe 5 pounds of water weight, a bit of fat, a tad of muscle, etc. but not PURE body fat. And in 7 days? Come on.

I’m Not Affiliated With Meredith Shirk Or Her Wake Up Lean Weight Loss Product

For you new Health Fanatics, this website is based on pure honesty. Pretty much, I scope through a bunch of products, and the ones that are overpriced and are full of crap (which is roughly 80% of them), I tell you to stay away from them as they’re not worth your time or money. But when I find a gem that contains a bunch of value at an affordable price, I let you guys and gals know about it so you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

With that being said, let’s get into the review.

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Wake Up Lean Review At A Glance

I was struggling to decide whether I should recommend this product for a number of reasons, and then the perfect analogy/metaphor/simile/whichever one it is hit me…

This product is like fast food – Fast food isn’t really fantastic, but considering the fact that it’s cheap and fast, it’s not bad. But it’s nothing amazing and it probably won’t teach you anything new.

So does that mean that I would recommend this product to someone that I care about? No way. I’m sure Meredith is a lovely gal, but Wake Up Lean is full of free information and the information provided doesn’t actually live up to the sales claims. For that reason, I can’t recommend this product to my Health Fanatic Family.

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Wake Up Lean And Its Upsells

As with 99% of the other products I’ve reviewed, Wake Up Lean had some upsells to offer after purchasing the initial product.

Wake Up Lean Upsell 2

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Check out that last screenshot: I always find the message that comes with the decline option so hilarious. These products were just a few generic meal plans, cookbooks, and all that jazz. I skipped past the upsells and dove into the core of the product.

Wake Up Lean Doesn’t Really Teach You Much

Not much weight loss information that is. The two main information products that are included in the Wake Up Lean program is the 10-Day Fat Belly Blueprint and the 24-hour fat flushing protocol. Considering the fact that the 24-hour fat flushing protocol is only 8 pages long, it’s safe to say that the majority of the educating should be happening in the Fat Belly Blueprint product.

Wake Up Lean Product Short

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But that’s where I was mistaken – even though the primary booklet is only 47 pages long, the educational material is only roughly 10 pages of this, with the other 37 pages being predominantly recipes for the 10-day slimdown.

Wake Up Lean TOC

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Wake Up Lean Starting Of Recipes

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So that was disappointing – finding out that the majority of the content is recipes that you could easily find on the internet, and not teaching you the process of weight loss.

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The Information That’s Provided Is Free As Heck

With the help of our best friend Google, you can find pretty much find anything that you want to for free, even weight loss principles. Even the information that’s included in some of the best products I’ve reviewed, e.g. John Barban’s Venus System or The Half Day Diet; the content in these products can probably be found on the internet for free. The beauty, however, is that ALL of the information is packaged in a way that’s easy to digest and saves you time so that you’re not reading a bunch of articles for hours on end trying to teach yourself.

The information that’s in Wake Up Lean is free as heck and isn’t worth the purchase. For example, she talks about the benefits of a diet that consist of micronutrient-dense food.

Wake Up Lean Detox Benefits 1

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Wake Up Lean Detox Benefits 2

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And while this information is true, this is practically the only information in here that’s educative which is another reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product. A GREAT product will teach you the What, Why, and How of a problem. Wake Up Lean pretty much only shows you the how, and even in that case, it doesn’t really do a great job of it.

Misaligned Sales Claims And Unrealistic Projections

The last point that I’m going to make is that the sales claims are misaligned as hell. This product is waaaaay more of a detox product than it is a weight loss product. If she’s going to make crazy clickbait claims like the following screenshots, then there better be some valuable weight loss/fat burning information in the product.

Wake Up Lean Clickbait 1

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It’s just a lot of overhyped claims with unrealistic projections and Wake Up Lean definitely doesn’t live up to the claims. Relating back to the first point, over half of the primary booklet is just a bunch of recipes that you could find online for free. And I guess that the customers want valuable fat loss information, not recipes.

Wake Up Lean Final Rating: C+

The only reason why I’m giving it a C+ is because it’s cheap – if Wake Up Lean was priced at $40 or more, I’d happily give it an F. The information provided is just a bunch of free information that you can find on the internet, the product is presented in a way that makes it hard for a reader to digest the information, and it doesn’t really teach you much about the process of how to lose weight.

I can’t recommend this product – even though Meredith seems like a cool gal, I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending Wake Up Lean to my Health Fanatic Family.

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