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Damn, today’s a beautiful day to review some weight loss products; the sun is shining, the clouds are M.I.A, I’ve prepped my cuppa black coffee, and my fingers are ready to do some writing.

I’ll be reviewing Perfect Weight Forever by Marisa Peer. She’s made a few of the typical weight loss claims that you’ll hear on most health products. She says that her product will help you, “…Be your Perfect Weight Forever without expensive treatments, pills, dieting, surgery or boring workouts in as little as 14 Days!” She claims that this product will bring everlasting change to your life through hypnosis; apparently, Marisa Peer is a bit of an experienced hypnotist who has helped people bring crazy results to their life. She says that her process will alter your subconscious mind so that losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising will become a breeze for you!

Let’s see if Marisa’s brainwashing techniques will actually provide some proper value to you, so you can have the body that you dream of.

Btw – I’m Not An Affiliate For Marisa’s Hypno Product Perfect Weight Forever

I’m all about honesty and integrity. My job here at HealthVI is to write real, honest, authentic reviews that educate you on the sea of weight loss products that exist out there in the market. It can be hard for you to know which product is actually worth your time and money (especially if you’re completely new to the health and fitness buzz), so my job is to review the products, and give you an educated opinion on whether they’re actually useful or not.

Let’s move into the review.

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Perfect Weight Forever Review In A Nutshell

For the amount of educational information that Marisa provides and the approach to weight loss that she’s chosen, Perfect Weight Forever is a product that I wouldn’t recommend to my Health Fanatic Family. I’m not saying that it won’t work – all I’m saying is that there are better weight loss products out there that will teach you the core fundamentals of weight loss with video content and at a lower price. Even though it includes a few golden nuggets on weight loss, it still lacks some vital points.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Before We Get Into The Review…

If you’re a fan of all this hypnosis jazz, then this product could be something worthy of your time and money investment. The main reason why I’m not recommending this is because it lacks quite a bit of educational information on the weight loss process, and the approach she takes has a few holes in it.

Perfect Weight Forever’s Upsells

There was a total of three products on offer after the purchase of Perfect Weight Forever. These products included a recipe book, a 3-book-bundle on issues such as confidence and self-esteem, and access to Marisa Peer’s weight loss community where I guess you can network with others on the same health journey as yourself.

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to a fancy looking website that looks a little something like this.

Perfect Weight Forever Membership Site

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I jumped into the training material and found a few points about Marisa Peer’s product that were worthy of mentioning to you…

Firstly – The Angle She Takes Is A Bit Flawed

When I was going through my weight loss journey, I managed to lose over 70 lbs over the course of approximately three to six months (I didn’t really count, which is another reason as to why I think I was “successful” in this avenue). Over this period of time, I learned that if you eat an appropriate amount of healthy foods (i.e. wholesome foods, healthy protein, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and exercise consistently, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose weight. However, another thing I learned was the myths about carbs. So many programs and diets give a lot of flack to this particular macronutrient, and Marisa is no different. She takes the angle that carbs are pretty much the devil, and if you eat too many of them, you’re practically guaranteed never to lose weight.

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She promotes the same way of eating that 99% of the other diets promote which is a high fat, high protein, low carb diet. This way of eating keeps your insulin levels low, which allows your body to burn fat; your insulin levels play a huge part in whether you lose weight or not. However, this approach to eating is missing a few key points including the most important weight loss principle which is a calorie deficit. Even the scientist guys and gals over at Harvard say that the weight loss is like simple math; as long as you’re in a caloric deficit, you’re fine.

So when I hear people advocating the approach of eating no carbs and all that jazz, I’m quick to point out that you CAN eat carbs and incorporate them into your diet and still lose weight, as long as you’re in a caloric deficit. Check out this geezer who lost 27 lbs eating nothing but Twinkies, Doritos, and all sorts of other carb-infested foods. How did he do it? He ate fewer calories than he consumed, which results in weight loss.

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Secondly – There Were A Few Random Points Throughout That Was A Bit Iffy

As I was going through the product, I noticed a few pieces of information that can really misinform a person that’s completely new to weight loss. Here are a few examples of this information.

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From a psychological perspective, this is true. Feeling restricted and all that jazz can work short term, but in the long term, you might just hit that breaking point where you say “F It. Time to go all out and eat pizza, burgers, and ice cream!” However, the only way you can lose weight is by being in a caloric deficit, so this is another point that didn’t really make sense; you HAVE to restrict calories if you wanna lose weight.

Perfect Weight Forever Misinformation 2

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Reading this point makes it sound like if you just eat healthy protein and fats whilst restricting carbs, you’re guaranteed to lose weight. Another “wrong” point, because you can also gain weight eating foods that you’d consider healthy. If you eat a caloric surplus of tuna, dry chicken breast, broccoli, and all that jazz, you’re still going to gain weight even from eating those “healthy” foods.

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I’m not actually 100% sure why I posted this. It just seemed a bit funny, to be honest. Naming the food for what it actually is might be something useful to you and help you stop eating all the junk food. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds like it would work; it’s much easier to drink Coca-Cola than it is to drink black fizzy chemicals that ruin and disintegrate your insides.

Lastly – The Perfect Weight Forever Bonuses

The last thing I thought I’d mention to you is the bonuses that came with Marisa Peer’s weight loss product. These bonuses include an audiobook of her product and some more “mind-programming” products such as Hypnotic Gastric Band that can apparently “…mentally shrink the size of your stomach…”

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And that’s it for Marisa Peer’s Hypnotic Weight Loss Product!

Perfect Weight Forever Final Rating: B-

I mean, the product isn’t necessarily terrible. I’ve seen a lot worst where a “health and fitness guru” claims to help you lose 14 pounds of pure body fat in just 7 days. With that being said, it doesn’t contain as much weight loss information as I’d like to see, it doesn’t have any video content to support it (or information high-quality information on resistance training and cardio), and the nutrition approach she’s taken makes it sounds as if though carbs are a big no-no when it comes to weight loss. For these reasons and much more, I can’t recommend this product to my Health Fanatic Family.

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