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It’s ya boy Danyon Togia back in the HealthVI crib, and today I’ll be reviewing a weight loss program called the 60 Day Fix created by Jordan White.

Jordan claims that he’s a fella who has found the secrets to fighting deadly diseases. He also claims that these secrets can help you lose 30 lbs of stubborn belly fat, increase your strength, and feel a ton more energized. Lastly, he says that the 60 Day Fix will teach you how to skyrocket your energy levels, so you feel vibrant and alive.

Ready for an extremely blunt, almost dangerously-honest review? Let’s see if 60 Day Fix is as good as Jordan White claims it to be.

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We make sure you’re not wasting your hard earned money on any crappy, useless weight loss product that’s filled with fluff and is overpriced. Instead, we wanna guide you towards the products which ACTUALLY help you in becoming a leaner, sexier, healthier you.

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60 Day Fix Review In A Nutshell

If you haven’t got time to read the whole review, then here’s a quick little summary that you can devour and be on your way:

60 Day Fix is just another overpriced, fluff-filled weight loss guide that you shouldn’t invest in. It contains a ton of motivational fluff and content that I like to call “here and there” material, the jump-start guide is terrible as it’s essentially just a list of healthy herbs, and the bonuses are pretty crappy too. On top of that, it contains no high-quality video content, and for these reasons, I can’t recommend this product to you.

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A Few Upsells To Begin The Review With

There was a total of three products on offer after the purchase of the 60 Day Fix. These upsells included an exercise video guide, a trial to another weight loss program, and a video course.

60 Day Fix Upsells 1

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to the 60 Day Fix download page; peep the following screenshot to see what it looks like.

60 Day Fix Download Page

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I downloaded the guides, and there were a few things in particular about this product that I thought would be worth mentioning in this review.

Firstly, The Main Guide Contains “Here-And-There” Fluff

“Here-and-there” material is content that is similar to those weight loss articles you would’ve seen before. Articles such as “5 Fast Tips To Burning Stubborn Belly Fat Without Dieting,” or “21 Herbs To Help Boost Your Metabolism.” These articles are great little nifty articles containing a ton of valuable information, no doubt. However, many “weight loss gurus” will just package a ton of these here-and-there articles together and label it as a weight loss guide.

Check out the following screenshots to see some of the here-and-there material that Jordan White has included in his 60 Day Fix weight loss program.

60 Day Fix Here and there 1

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60 Day Fix Here and there 2

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60 Day Fix Here and there 3

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It’s not a straightforward guide that teaches you the fundamentals of weight loss in a step-by-step fashion; it’s just a bunch of quick articles slapped together. On top of this, Jordan White has also included a ton of fluff in the form of motivational material in the main guide.

60 Day Fix Fluff 1

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60 Day Fix Fluff 2

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60 Day Fix Fluff 3

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I’m not saying that this motivational/feel-good content is bad; I just don’t think it’s good to fill a weight loss guide with too much information like this, which is what Jordan White has done.

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Secondly, The Jump Start Guide Won’t Jump Start Anything

Correct me if I’m wrong, but jump start guides are supposed to give you a little “push” on the beginning of your journey. Maybe you’d expect to see a few nutrition/exercise trackers included, and some instructions to help you prepare as you begin the weight loss program. However, Jordan White’s jump start guide includes just a list of healthy herbs and a few recipes to go along with it.

60 Day Fix Jump Start Guide 1

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60 Day Fix Jump Start Guide 2

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60 Day Fix Jump Start Guide 3

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I don’t see how this type of content is going to help someone jump start their weight loss journey; it shouldn’t even be called a jump start guide, it should be called “21 Healthy Thingymajig’s With A Few Recipes On The Side.”

Lastly – The Bonuses Were Actually Pretty Good

I’d safely say that the bonuses were better than the actual program itself. The bonuses that came with the 60 Day Fix include a nutrition guide, an exercise guide, and a home workout program.

The nutrition guide contains a ton of recipes with easy instructions to follow. I didn’t make any of the actual dishes, but they look pretty delish’.

60 Day Fix Bonus 1

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60 Day Fix Bonus 2

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60 Day Fix Bonus 3

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60 Day Fix Bonus 4

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The exercise guide actually included quite a bit of information on resistance training, example workouts, and some other jazz.

60 Day Fix Bonus 5

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60 Day Fix Bonus 6

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And the “How to get ripped six pack abs from home in 15 minutes a day” guide was pretty generic; it just included a few ab workouts.

60 Day Fix Bonus 7

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60 Day Fix Bonus 8

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And that’s about if for my 60 Day Fix Review!

60 Day Fix Final Rating: C

Honestly, if this product didn’t include the bonuses, I would’ve given this a solid D. Jordan White’s 60 Day Fix program is a subpar weight loss guide with a bunch of here-and-there information and no step-by-step process to help you lose weight. It’s overpriced for what it’s offering, and for these reasons, I can happily advise you not to purchase this product.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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