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Let’s cut the chit-chat and jump straight into the review. Today, I’ll be going through Gary Watson’s weight loss product called the Fat Burning Fingerprint. He says that the little swirls on your fingertips (a.k.a your fingerprints) are directly related to how your body burns fat and that the diet industry has been keeping this a secret for their own sake. He also claims that the Fat Burning Fingerprint contains a few secrets that will help you to burn fat and lose weight without any crazy diets or grueling workouts. He’s included a few photos here and there about how these secrets helped the presenters sister named Gill to lose a ton of weight with these secrets.

Nothing that I haven’t heard before. Let me show you why you shouldn’t waste your money on this crappy, valueless weight loss product that costs $37 more than it should.

I’m Not an Affiliate for the Fat Burning Fingerprint

Why the heck would I promote a product that’s expensive, provides really crappy information, and is just a low-quality product in general? I’d be a complete idiot if I recommend this product to you guys and gals.

My reviews are all about honesty. I do my best to review products in an entertaining fashion. When those products suck (which is roughly 80% of the time), I whip up a review so that you’re not wasting your money and time on crappy products. However, every now and then I come across a product that’s REALLY good, and in that case, I give it some props and allow you to make the purchasing decision.

With that outta the way, let’s move into the review.

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Review In 15 Seconds

Fat Burning Fingerprint is just a crappy product that overcomplicates the weight loss process. The information that it does provide, as low quality as it is, is presented in a way that’s extremely hard to interpret and learn from. If you buy this product, you’re practically wasting $37 on a weight loss guide with the presentation quality of a 2-year-old gone wild on a fresh sheet of paper armed with a ton of crayons and their creativity (a.k.a scribbles and swirls).

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Fat Burning Fingerprint And An Annoying Email

There were three upsells on offer after the purchase of Gary Watson’s weight loss product. These products include a premade meal plan, workout videos, and more workout guides (looks like a basic circuit workout book). The workout guide came with a bonus “feel good” product that looks like it contains a ton of motivational, spiritual material.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Upsell 2

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Upsell 1

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Upsell 3

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Now this is the part of the review that you better listen up for…

Usually, after skipping the upsells, you’re either taken to a membership website, or you’re sent an email with your login credentials. The email SHOULD come within a few minutes. Unfortunately, I had to wait approximately 40 minutes before I received my email. I mean, who the heck wants to wait 40 minutes to access the product after purchasing it?

Once I did get my login credentials, I accessed a download page that looks a little something like this.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Membership Site

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I downloaded the guides and went to town on those bad boys. The first thing I noticed about Gary Watson’s product is…

The Presentation Is Friggen Terrible

Honestly, how hard is it to chuck in a consistent font, add in some spacing here and there, and layer in some fancy, neat headlines? You may think to yourself that presentation of the information isn’t that big of a deal. Try reading crap like this, and you’ll change your mind on that belief; crappy presentation makes digesting the information much more difficult, and it stops you from focusing on the most important thing which is the foundation principles of the weight loss process.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Bad Presentation 1

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Seriously, the information is pretty much a  huge block of text with no consideration for the reader whatsoever. But the presentation of the information isn’t the only terrible thing that caught my eye…

The Metabolism Guide Sways People From The Most Important Stuff

The meat and potatoes of the Fat Burning Fingerprint is to find out what your metabolic type is, then structure your diet around this metabolic type.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Metab Type

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Metab Type 2

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This isn’t a friggen horoscope or 21 questions type survey that you take on BuzzFeed! You’re supposed to be educating on weight loss principles and exactly how to lose weight. Whilst this stuff could be useful, it’s taking away from the fundamentals of how to actually lose weight; educative information like being in a caloric deficit, resistance training, and cardio to accelerate the weight loss process, the benefits of water and drinking it strategically to feel fuller, etc. He then goes on to give a list of foods that are apparently customized to your metabolism type.

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Other Tids And Bits About The Fat Burning Fingerprint

These are just a few other points that I’d like to mention about Gary Watson’s product:

  • There are a ton of affiliate links placed throughout the product, which just screams the “gimme your money” vibes.
Fat Burning Fingerprint Tidbits 1

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Tidbits 2

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Fat Burning Fingerprint Tidbits 3

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  • It came with a few other booklets including a Fat Burning Fingerprint fast track guide, a hormone guide called “Seven Super Fat Burning Hormones You Must Have In Harmony,” and a guide showing you 3 foods you must avoid.
  • It took roughly 40 minutes to access the friggen thing. I know I said it already, but seriously?!
  • There’s not much information included about exercise, resistance training, and all that jazz. No video content included either, which is a bummer.

Fat Burning Fingerprint Final Rating: D

The quality of information provided, coupled with the price of the product, as well as the long wait time to receive the actual product leads me to believe that this product is definitely not worth your time or money. Gary Watson heavily underdelivered on this product, and if you happen to buy this product, you’re just going to be outright disappointed at the quality of information and presentation provided.

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