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Hopefully yall are having an awesome day, and you’re ready for your dose of Real Weight Loss Reviews. In today’s episode, I’ll be reviewing the Fat Loss Factor by Dr. Charles. Dr. Charles has made some huge claims with his annoyingly-long, unskippable sales video. Man, I hope you guys appreciate this review; I had to wait like a billion minutes (extreme over exaggeration btw) to hear all of the sales claims. He says that the Fat Loss Factor isn’t another quick fix or magical weight loss pill; it’s a legitimate product that, if applied, will help you to burn fat and lose weight. He also says all the regular stuff like “I’ll help you lose weight while eating all of your favorite foods.”

Let’s see if Dr. Charles’ weight loss product can withstand the wrath of ol’ Big Daddy Danyon Togia.

Dr. Charles And I Aren’t Affiliated In Any Way, Shape, Or Form

I’m not affiliated with Dr. Charles or his Fat Loss Factor product whatsoever. FYI – the number one requirement for these reviews is that they’re completely honest. Even if the ol’ big boss and I lose money because we lost an affiliate commission or two, so be it.

My job is to educate your purchasing decisions so that you can stay away from all the crappy, fluff-filled weight loss products and instead invest in products which deliver value to you and helps increase the quality of your health at an affordable price.

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Fat Loss Factor Review In A Nutshell

Fat Loss Factor provides some valuable information that would benefit your journey on becoming healthier, but it’s lost amongst the sea of fluff. I’ve found with most products that it’s best to keep the fluff out and focus solely on valuable information; anything else just confuses the reader.

The product is just a bit above average, but it’s not good enough for me to recommend it to someone since I know that there are much more valuable and cost-efficient products out there that you would benefit from.

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Fat Loss Factor With Some Dank Upsells

As with 99% of the other weight loss products I review, I was met with a few upsells after purchasing Dr. Charles’ weight loss product. There wasn’t anything too significant other than a few videos; it’s mainly just extra information that’s not even necessary for you to lose weight.

Fat Loss Factor Upsells 2

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The way I think of it is you buy the first product that teaches you how to be healthy and lose weight, and then a couple of seconds later they’re jamming another product down your throat that promises you how to be healthy and lose weight.


Fat Loss Factor With Some Fluff On The Side

As I said previously, the number one “problem” that I have with the Fat Loss Factor is the amount of fluff it contains. Now this is just my opinion; I’ve found that when you’re trying to teach people a skill like how to lose weight, you should really emphasize the fundamentals of the topic. If you try to teach too much information, it can possibly just confuse the reader as, in my opinion, an individual can only process a limited amount of information at a given time. For that reason, it’s better to fill their brain with the most important concepts and leave out the fluff.

Well, I believe that in the Fat Loss Factor, Dr. Charles has done the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong; the basis of the information that’s provided is to eat healthy foods and exercise. But it’s just lost amongst a sea of extra confusing information.


There’s a lot of information on the liver and how our bodies are full of toxins due to the environment and all that jazz. I’m not saying this stuff isn’t  beneficial, but the number one reason why people buy this is to lose weight, and the number one requirement for weight loss to occur is to be in a caloric deficit. Even the big players over at Yale have said that “weight loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit, meaning that your daily caloric intake is less than the calories you are expending.”

Dr Charles places a lot of importance on micronutrient dense foods, which I agree with, but I want you guys to know that you can gain weight if you eat healthy foods too – it all depends on your calories.

He also says a bit of woo-woo stuff throughout the guide. Check the following screenshot for an example.

Fat Loss Factor Fluff 2

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There’s Quite A Bit Of Misleading Information

Along with the fluff in the product, it also contains a bit of misleading information. I don’t want any of my Health Fanatics to read this and get the wrong idea about weight loss information, so I wanted to clarify some things.


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Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. While a hamburger and fries is generally calorically dense and doesn’t actually benefit your body with any form of micronutrients, the way this information is stated is written kind of like “if you eat this food, you will get fat.” Same as the following screenshot.

Fat Loss Factor Unhealthy Foods

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Just so you know, you can lose weight eating “unhealthy foods.” Sure, it might be a bit harder because they’re calorically dense and such, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work them into your diet so that you still lose weight. That’s why this dude was able to lose 56 pounds eating Mcdonalds everyday.

Fat Loss Factor Final Rating: B-

Like I’ve said a billion times, the key components of diet and exercise are contained in the book, but it’d be hard for a Health Fanatic to process the valuable information because there’s just too much fluff in the book. Also, I know that other products are out there which provides more value for a cheaper cost, so that’s another reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product.

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