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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the grass frost is juuuust melting off of my back lawn here in New Zealand. I’m in the mood to decimate some terrible weight loss products, so hopefully you are in the mood to read some reviews.

In today’s episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews, I’ll be going through the Fat Burning Bible by Dr. Forrest. Dr. Forrest has made some HUGE claims on his sales page, saying that your weight gain has NOTHING to do with your calories, metabolism, or even how much food you eat. Instead, he says that it’s because of the bacteria in your gut that’s stopping you from losing weight.

And get this, he even says that he has been “…physically threatened and had 4 separate lawsuits filed against me in order to stop you from learning the truth about why you’ve found it such a struggle to lose weight…”

Legit, take a look at these screenshots of his sales page.

Fat Burning Bible Sales page claim 1

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Fat Burning Bible Sales page claim 2

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Look at those big, scary, business people! Wooo, I’m shaking in my boots already Dr. Forrest.

Let’s see if the Fat Burning Bible is as revolutionary as he claims it to be.

I’m Not An Affiliate For The Fat Burning Bible, Nor Do I Know Dr. Forrest

Just so you know, I’m not affiliated with this weight loss product or its creator. My reputation is essential, and never in my life do I want to be associated with a garbage product or a garbage product-creator that pumps out crappy little items to make a quick buck or two.

I’m a fellow Health Fanatic much like yourself; I’ve lost 75 pounds since the start of 2015, and I’ve kept it off this whole time. My job is to review exercise/diet/weight loss products so that I can help you by investing in products that ACTUALLY help to increase the quality of your health.

With that being said, let’s get into the review.

Fat Burning Bible In A Nutshell

Can’t be bothered sticking around for the whole review? No problem fam – I’ve got you covered.

The Fat Burning Bible is a crappy, terrible, overpriced way of telling you to eat healthy foods and exercise. The so-called simple solution to weight loss that’s, “…being suppressed by the greedy multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry who are doing everything in their power to keep this discovery hidden from the public…” isn’t as secretive as he claims to be (unless you call eating yoghurt a secret to weight loss). The information he contains is EXTREMELY misleading, and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, not even to my unhealthy, overweight, annoying, pestery aunt who says I spend too much time on the interwebz.

If you’ve got time to stick around, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the review.

Fat Burning Bible Featured Image

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The Fat Burning Bible and Gastric Band Surgery Upsells?

As a self-proclaimed extremely handsome product reviewer, I can safely say that I’ve seen 99% of weight loss upsells that people offer. Everything from 5-minute workout upsells and mind trick weight loss upsells, all the way to diet programs that help you burn fat without eating vegetables. After purchasing the Fat Burning Bible, I encountered the standard upsells of motivation, diet, and exercise products.

Fat Burning Bible Upsell 1

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Fat Burning Bible Upsell 2

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Fat Burning Bible Upsell 3

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Fat Burning Bible Upsell 4

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Fat Burning Bible Upsell 5

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Fat Burning Bible Upsell 6

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When I encounter these Upsells, I’m in the “just take me to the product” kind of mood, so I generally just screenshot and skip past them.

But this one caught my attention.

Take a look at the third upsell again. Here’s another screenshot of it.

Fat Burning Bible Upsell 7

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Dr. Forrest tried to upsell me a Hypnotic Gastric Band Weight Loss program; a program that apparently psychologically tricks yourself into thinking you’ve literally had gastric band surgery.

If this doesn’t scream the “I don’t care about you, just give me your money” vibes, then I don’t know what does. The fact that Dr. Forrest would try and sell this type of product already makes me think negative thoughts about this product.

Nevertheless, I made my way into the product. Once I got stuck into reading it, I found that my prejudgements were correct.

The Fat Burning Bible Contains Misleading Weight Loss Information

Some of the most reliable sources of information have said that in order to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. This means that the energy from the food/drink that you’re consuming is not enough to maintain your current weight, and so your body grabs the energy from your body instead which causes you to lose weight. Scientists from Yale have agreed with this principle, saying that “…weight loss occurs when there is a calorie deficit, meaning that your daily caloric intake is less than the calories you are expending.” Researchers from Harvard have agreed, saying that, “…almost any diet will work if it helps you take in fewer calories.”

So whenever I hear information that goes against this principle, I get a bit skeptical.

Here’s a screenshot from the sales page of the Fat Burning Bible.

Fat Burning Bible misleading information

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And here are a few screenshots from the product.

Fat Burning Bible misleading information 2

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Fat Burning Bible misleading information 3

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Dr. Forrest claims that the main reason why weight gain and obesity occurs is because of the unfriendly bacteria that sits in the gut. So he says that in order to lose weight, you should focus on following a diet that improves your gut health rather that will then help you lose weight.

I can’t help but think that this information is extremely misleading. Let me ask you this: do you think that foods such as Twinkies and Mcdonalds improve the quality of your gut health? Obviously not. So why was this dude able to lose 27 pounds eating nothing but Twinkies, Oreos, and Doritos? And why was this fella able to lose 56 pounds eating nothing but Mcdonalds?

It’s because they ate in a calorie deficit. News flash Dr. Forrest, but you can gain weight eating healthy foods too if you eat in a caloric surplus. The main requirement for weight loss is for you to be in a calorie deficit; the fact that Dr. Forrest takes away from this principle and says that you need to follow a bacteria-friendly diet in order to lose weight is extremely misleading.

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The Fat Burning Bible Is Selling Free Information For $37

What if I told you that I’d be willing to sell you free information for $37? You’d look at me like I’m an idiot, right? Who in their right mind would wanna spend $37 on a weight loss product, only to be told to eat healthy foods and exercise?

Well, that’s what you’re doing if you buy the Fat Burning Bible.

In essence, the Fat Burning Bible is an overpriced way of telling you to eat healthy foods and exercise, with an emphasis on gut-friendly foods such as the following.

Fat Burning Bible Food list

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They same the same old basic information as everyone else such as exercise, eat healthy foods, avoid processed foods and foods/drinks filled with sugar etc.

Fat Burning Bible What not to eat 1

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Fat Burning Bible What not to eat 2

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Fat Burning Bible What not to eat 3

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Nothing revolutionary like he says, nothing new and novel, no secret way to lose weight that got him in a bit of legal trouble.

It’s just basic, free information that costs $37.

Fat Burning Bible Final Rating: D

I can happily give this product a D. There are a number of factors that contribute to why this product is so useless:

  • It contains misleading weight loss information; there’s too much emphasis on gut-friendly foods and not enough emphasis on creating a calorie deficit.
  • It contains basic, free information that you could find on the internet. Except this time, Dr. Forrest is charging you $37 for it
  • It’s laid out in a way that’s hard to read and understand. There’s too much information on gut health (which isn’t required for you to know about in order to lose weight), and it just confuses the reader who’s just wanting to burn some belly fat and shed some pounds.

Dr. Forrest, high five to you for creating an overpriced weight loss product that’s filled with free, misleading information.

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