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Let’s cut straight to the chase – Today, I’ll be reviewing a product by Christopher Adams called Beyond Fit. Chris has made some pretty outrageous claims on his sales page. He says that he’s discovered a secret revealed by a Jesuit Priest. The secret is a 10-second morning routine that the priest learned on his mission to far away lands… and apparently, the secret helped Chris to drop 72 lbs and 14 inches off his waist. Oh, and the first 10 lbs was dropped within seven days!

Talk about a grand opening, am I right? He also says that this product will help you to burn your stubborn flab, reverse premature aging signs, boost your energy levels and sex drive, and reduce your chances of suffering from any heart debilitating diseases.

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a claim like that – I mean, a Jesuit Priest?! Let’s see if Christopher Adam’s can walk as much as he talks.

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Beyond Fit Review At A Glance

Beyond Fit is easily one of the worst products I’ve reviewed. Christopher Adams is extremely misleading with his “10-second morning ritual secret” that I’ll expose in just a bit (P.S. It’s terribly bland, pseudoscience-like, and not something you’d expect whatsoever). It’s filled with a bunch of motivational fluff material, and only roughly 20% of the product actually contains educative information. The educative information that it does contain is also extremely low quality and is free information that you can find with your best pal, Google.

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Beyond Fit’s Upsells

There was a total of four upsells on offer after the purchase of Christopher Adam’s crappy weight loss product. These upsells included an anti-aging guide, access to private coaching videos, “sneaky fat burning food tricks,” and a guide to boost your energy levels.


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If you decide to purchase this product (which I highly recommend you don’t), then you might as well skip the upsells. Because the original product is crap, you can almost certainly guarantee the upsells will be crap too (crap tends to breed more crap).

I skipped the upsells, and was taken to a download page that looks like this.

Beyond Fit Download Page

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I jumped into the product and discovered a few noteworthy points that I’d like to share with you…

First Off – The 10-Second Morning Ritual Is So B.S.

Christopher Adam’s hypes his product up so much, specifically around a 10-second morning ritual that apparently was discovered by a Jesuit priest while he was serving a mission in far away lands. Apparently, this secret allowed him to lose a ton of weight, and he practically builds his whole product around this.

Sounds pretty spicy, right? Sounds like information that you’re just dying to hear. Well, I hate to break it to you, but this so-called “secret” is actually not so secretive at all. In fact, it’s complete fluff.

Beyond Fit Secret B.S.

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“Ask for help in the morning, give thanks at night.”


The fact that Chris has mislead his customers to think that you can just do these two things and you’ll magically lose a ton of weight is complete and utter B.S. This is the first reason as to why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you – the whole U.S.P that this product is centered around is extremely overhyped and just plain ol’ stupid (I’m not saying that gratitude isn’t important, but this definitely isn’t a direct weight loss tip that’ll help you lose weight).

Secondly – Beyond Fit Is 80% Motivational Fluff

When you buy a weight loss guide, you’d expect to see a ton of weight loss information teaching you how to lose weight, yes? You don’t go to McDonald’s and order a Whopper Combo, and you don’t go to Burger King and order a Big Mac burger with extra cheese and extra Big Mac sauce.

Well, unfortunately, that’s essentially what Chris has down. Chris has claimed that this product will help you to lose weight, burn fat, reduce your risk of suffering from heart debilitating diseases, etc. and has filled his product with over 80% motivational fluff.

Beyond Fit Fluff 1

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The majority of the book is filled with feel-good fluff like this. And even the 20% of educational information that IS provided is free information at a cost.

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Congratulations – You Just Paid $37 For Free Information

Chris has provided free information at a cost in his Beyond Fit program. Imagine if you just paid $37 for a “secret weight loss ritual that’ll help you to lose a ton of weight in a short amount of time,” only to be told to go for a walk and cut out the junk?

Beyond Fit Junk

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Beyond Fit Walking

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He’s added a few points on macronutrients and the importance of them, but it definitely doesn’t justify the $37 price point. For these reasons, I can happily advise you to stay away from this product and avoid it like the plague.

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Beyond Fit Final Rating: F

I think this is the second “F” that I’ve ever given to a product, and rightfully so – Beyond Fit contains a ton of overhyped sales claims with crappy information to back it up. It’s filled with so much fluff, and it’s free information at a cost. For these reasons…

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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