Cellulite Destroyer System Review

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I hope yall are having a splendid day, and you’re ready for another episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews. In today’s episode, I’ll be going through the Cellulite Destroyer System by Mandy Fullerton. Mandy has claimed that the Cellulite Destroyer System will help you gorgeous ladies to lose cellulite without any strict diets or grueling, agonizing workouts. She also claims that if you buy the Cellulite Destroyer System, it can help you start losing weight TONIGHT.

Hot diggity damn, Mandy Fullerton! You’ve got some big kahunas to claim that this product will help your customers start losing weight before they even hit the hay. Let’s see if the Cellulite Destroyer System can handle the wrath of the Health Fanatic Family.

I’m Not An Affiliate For The Cellulite Destroyer System

If you’re completely new to this website, I want you to understand one thing: the whole premise of my writing is to give you HONEST product reviews. That means, if I find a product that’s completely full of crap (which is around 95% of them), I’m going to tell you that you shouldn’t buy it because it’s full of crap; I’ll have none of my Health Fanatics wasting money on terrible products when they should be finding the most valuable deals for the best price possible.

And that’s what ol’ Danyon Togia is all about.

Cellulite Destroyer System Featured Image

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Cellulite Destroyer System Review At A Glance

Mandy Fullerton’s so-called “weight loss product” is just another fluff-filled overpriced weight loss product. It does contain a few core weight loss principles, but it’d be hard for a health newbie to find because it’s hidden amongst tons of confusing information. I highly recommend that you avoid this product like the plague.

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Cellulite Destroyer System And An Upsell On The Side

After skipping the 40-friggen-minute long sales video and purchasing the product, I was met with an upsell of another generic weight loss product and a product that apparently helps you get rid of stretch marks.

Cellulite Destroyer System Upsell 1

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Cellulite Destroyer System Upsell 2

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After reviewing a ton of other weight loss products, I’ve found that the quality of the upsells¬†are a good indicator of the quality of the product. In this case, since Mandy Fullerton is trying to sell me a product that can apparently get rid of stretch marks, I kind of already knew that this product was going to be crap. I mean, you can easily just do a free search on Google for some information on that.

Anyways, after denying the product, she tried to down sell it again and get me to buy the product for a reduced price.

Cellulite Destroyer System Upsell 3

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I skipped the down sell and jumped straight into the product. Once again, my prior assumptions of the product were confirmed as I found out how bad this product really is.

Cellulite Destroyer System Contains Stacks Of Fluff

There’s so much fluff in this product that it ain’t even a joke. Within the first 10 pages of the product, she’s already recommending “Cellulite Detox Extract Principles” such as using a massage brush and Milk Thistle to get rid of that pesky cellulite.

Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 1

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Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 2

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Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 3

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Cellulite, at its core, is fat. I’ve said this once, and I’ll say it for the rest of my life, to burn fat or lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit. This means that you fuel your body with less energy required to maintain weight, and so it grabs energy from your body instead which results in weight loss. If the number one requirement for weight loss was to use a friggen massage brush, don’t you think that there’d be a lot more demand for massage brushes?

But there’s not only information on massage brushes and Milk Thistle; she’s also included a bunch of information labeled as “Spiritual Weight Loss Mentality.”

Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 6

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Here’s an example of the type of information in this section.

Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 7

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I’m not here to judge your preferences; some people like this sort of stuff, others don’t. I thought I’d just add it in here to give you some more insight on the product.

Mandy has also included some stuff which, for a weight loss product, I would categorize as fluff including information on Yoga and even “Fluoride – The Collagen Assassin.”

Cellulite Destroyer System Fluff 8

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It’s just a lot of fluff that isn’t at the core of what is required for weight loss to occur.

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It’s Hard To Extract The Valuable Information From The Cellulite Destroyer System

Now to be fair, Mandy Fullerton’s product contains a few key weight loss principles, but it’s hard to extract because of the sea of fluff that it’s buried in. For example, here’re a few pieces of information that are pretty essential to any weight loss product.

Cellulite Destroyer System Useful info 1

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Cellulite Destroyer System Useful info 2

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Cellulite Destroyer System Useful info 3

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Cellulite Destroyer System Useful info 4

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With that being said, this is still information that you can find for free on Google.

Other Tidbits Of Information On The Cellulite Destroyer System

This is just a few pieces of information that I thought you might find interesting on this product. Mandy Fullerton spends a solid 5+ pages trying to get you to buy a product called Daily Energy. Usually, this is just so she can make some more quick cash if you happen to buy it.

Cellulite Destroyer System Daily Energy 2

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Cellulite Destroyer System Daily Energy 1

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I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: Supplement aren’t essential to losing weight. Supplements are there to do just that –¬†supplement a healthy diet and training routine coupled with solid sleep. I experimented a lot with supplements while losing weight, but the most important factors that contributed to my weight loss was diet (which is number 1), sleep, and exercise.

The product also includes a few recipes to help you get started with eating healthy.

Cellulite Destroyer System Recipes

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There are over 10 pages of recipes like this. It’s okay, I guess, but it’s kind of like the old saying of, “you can’t polish a turd.” It’s just extra information on top of an already crappy weight loss product.

Cellulite Destroyer System Final Rating: D

Yeah I can comfortably advise you guys to keep your cash in your wallet when it comes to this product. It’s just too confusing and contains way too much fluff. It’s too long and is extremely overpriced when you take into account the quality of the information that’s provided.

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