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It’s Wednesday today in sunny ol’ New Zealand; I’m chugging down my cuppa black coffee, and I’m ready to give you another dose of radical honesty through my extremely blunt reviews.

Today, I’ll be reviewing a product called Lean Belly Breakthrough by Bruce Krahn. Bruce has made some pretty outrageous claims on his sales video – he says that the Lean Belly Breakthrough protocol contains a 2-minute ritual that saved his father in law from open heart surgery and any deliberating heart disease and diabetes. He also said that it helped him lose 39 pounds without the need for surgery or drugs. Not only that, but he claims that his wife also lost 29 pounds of stubborn belly fat, flattening her belly whilst alleviating pain symptoms from her arthritis… all with the same 2-minute ritual! Bruce claims that Lean Belly Breakthrough will help you to restore your youthful energy levels, revamp your sex drive, lose weight, and rid your body of any age-related health issues.

Man, if what Bruce says is true (in particular about his father in law’s results from using this program), he better have a great product to back up these claims. Let’s see if Lean Belly Breakthrough can withstand the wrath of the weight loss product gauntlet.

I’m Not an Affiliate for Lean Belly Breakthrough

The only products that we recommend here at HealthVI are the ones that actually deliver high-quality health and fitness information at an affordable cost. The majority of products I’ve reviewed are complete garbage (roughly 80% of them) ; they’re expensive products containing tons of fluff with free generic information at a cost. My job is to steer you away from these crappy products, and instead, steer you towards the ones which will ACTUALLY help you improve the quality of your health and life.

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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review Summary

Bruce Krahn’s Lean Belly Breakthrough is just another overhyped weight loss product that doesn’t actually contain that much weight loss information; the majority of the educational information is about your body’s cells, preventing heart attacks, and other big scientific words that probably aren’t that big and scientific, I’m just an idiot. The hyped up 2-minute ritual is actually just a bunch of common knowledge that you already know, and the majority of them aren’t even strategies that you can actually implement immediately.  There are a few bonuses that came with the product, but even then, the information in these bonuses are filled with generic, free information that you probably already know about.

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Lean Belly Breakthrough’s Upsells And Downsells

There was a total of four upsells and down sells being offered after the purchase of Bruce Krahn’s product. There was a package full of generic recipes (e.g. desserts, shakes, dinner, etc.), a hormone balancing guide, and access to a membership group.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Upsells 1

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I’ve always believed that the quality of the initial product is a good indicator of the quality of the upsells and downsells (in my opinion, crap tends to breed more crap). Judging from this product, I can happily say that if you were to purchase Lean Belly Breakthrough (which I highly do NOT recommend), then avoid the upsells to save you a bit of time and money.

After skipping the upsells, I skipped past a few websites where I to filled out a bunch of information until finally I was allowed access to the Lean Belly Breakthrough product.

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I chucked on my review glasses and got stuck into the Bruce Krahn’s product.

First Off – The “Secret Rituals” Aren’t So Secret

In the sales video, Bruce Krahn talks about how a somewhat magical 2-minute ritual saved his father in law from a bunch of obesity-related diseases. He builds up a ton of hype around this ritual, making you believe that if you had access to this ritual also, you’d be able to lose weight, burn your stubborn belly fat, increase your energy levels, and all of the other health-related benefits that you wanna hear. Obviously, the catch is that to get access to this 2-minute-ritual, you have to purchase the product.

Unfortunately, the secret ritual that he’s talking about isn’t so secret; it’s actually a list of 10 rituals that will definitely take you more than 2 minutes, and some of them aren’t even as actionable as “drink water” or “eat vegetables.” Peep the following screenshots for three examples of what I’m talking about.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Common Ritual 1

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Lean Belly Breakthrough Common Ritual 2

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Lean Belly Breakthrough Common Ritual 3

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I mean, even ritual ten alone will take you longer than twenty minutes, so Bruce Krahn has delivered so much false hype around a particular “secret” only to deliver a bunch of generic tips that you’ve probably heard a billion times already.

Secondly – There’s Actually Not Much Weight Loss Information

The second thing I noticed is that there wasn’t actually that much information on weight loss. There’s tons of information on things such as obesity, heart-related diseases, inflammation, and all that jazz, but not much information on how to actually lose weight. Peep the following screenshots for a few big scientific words that I don’t understand the meaning of (college dropout at it’s finest).

Lean Belly Breakthrough Information 1

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Like I said, it’s not that this information is useless, and it definitely does indirectly relate to weight loss, but it’s not the type of information that you’d expect to hear in a weight loss program. I’d expect to see more information along the lines of caloric intake, resistance training, keeping insulin levels low, intermittent fasting, drinking water before meals to fill up the stomach with healthy, empty calories, and much more.

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Lastly – There Were Some Bonuses, But They’re Still Pretty Crappy

Bruce Krahn included some bonuses to along with the Lean Belly Breakthrough, but they were still pretty crappy (further proving my point of crap breeding more crap).

Lean Belly Breakthrough Bonuses

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By the way – when I say that something’s crappy, in this context, I just mean that it’s generic information that you probably already know about/that you can easily find for free on Google. Whilst these bonuses add a bit of value to the overall package of the product, it’s still not good enough for me to recommend to my Health Fanatic Family.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Final Rating: D

The whole sales page was dedicating to hyping on a fancy schmancy 2-minute ritual that contained such magical power that’d help you lose weight in a short amount of time. However, after jumping into the product, the rituals definitely aren’t short, and it’s just a bunch of common information that you probably already know. On top of that, it doesn’t contain much information that directly relates to weight loss, and the quality of the information as well as the layout of it definitely doesn’t justify the $37 price tag.

For these reasons, your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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