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Damn, it feels good to be back writing again – I haven’t done any solid writing in about two weeks, so I’m glad to be back on my $10 Logitech keyboard, pumping out some dank content drizzled with tons of blunt truth.

Today, I’ll be reviewing a weight loss product created by Bob Baker called the Fat Burning Switch. Bob claims that his weight loss program can help you burn unwanted flab while you sleep. He even says that it will help you to eliminate toxins and free radicals that are making you feel sluggish so you can experience youthful energy once again. He says that Fat Burning Switch will help rejuvenate your body from the inside out and that it will jump start your metabolism which will turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Meh, nothing we haven’t heard before. Let’s see if Bob Baker can hit a home run with his weight loss program.

I’m Not An Affiliate For The Fat Burning Switch

Just so you’re aware, the team here at HealthVI isn’t affiliated with Bob Baker or his weight loss program. I write every single review as raw, honest, and authentic as possible. Sometimes it even gets us in a bit of trouble, and we miss out on a potential affiliate commission or two.

Why do I do this?

Because I’ve been on a weight loss journey myself, and I would’ve loved for someone to guide me along this voyage – ESPECIALLY in regards to my purchasing decisions when it comes to weight loss programs. I help you save time and money by steering your purchasing decisions towards affordable products which will help you lose weight and burn fat while avoiding any fluff-filled, overpriced, crappy weight loss products.

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Fat Burning Switch Review Summary

The Fat Burning Switch is an okay weight loss product, but it’s not something that’s worth your time and money investment. It’s overpriced for what it’s offering, the main guide includes a bit of fluff, and the nutrition guide they’ve provided is quite strict. They’ve included a few bonuses, but it’s not enough to justify purchasing this product.

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Fat Burning Switch’s Upsells

There was a total of three upsells on offer after purchasing Fat Burning Switch. These upsells included an anti-aging guide, a “body age reverser” program, and a few more general weight loss guides.

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to the Fat Burning Switch download page that looks a lil’ something like this.

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After scoping out the main guide, the first thing I noticed about it was how much fluff it contains.

Fat Burning Switch Contains A Bit Of Fluff

When I say fluff, I mean that the Fat Burning Switch’s core guide includes quite a bit of information on motivation and “feel-good” type content. Usually, product creators will add stuff like this in the guides just to stack on some extra pages so that the customer feels as if though they’re getting tons of value.

First, Bob Baker has included a ton of essential weight loss information on things such as macronutrients, the importance of water, and certain foods which will help you along your weight loss journey, so it’s not all fluff.

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However, Bob Baker has also included a ton of spiritual/motvaitonal material on things such as vision boards, mantras, and even meditation.

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Just to clarify something – I’m not saying that this type of content is bad; there’s a time and place for this sorta stuff. But I think it’s quite misleading to add too much information like this into a guide that’s teaching you how to lose weight.

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Secondly – The Nutrition Guide Has A Strong Yet Strict Foundation

After checking out the main guide, I read through the nutrition guide and was happy to see that Bob Baker’s diet program includes an extremely strong foundation. He advises you to clean out your kitchen of any junk food and start prepping your environment for weight loss success.

Fat Burning Switch nutrition plan 1

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Fat Burning Switch nutrition plan 2

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But even though the foundation is strong, I thought it’d be worthy to mention that the DFY meal plans that he has provided are extremely strict, where he tells you exactly what to eat.

Fat Burning Switch nutrition plan 3

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The only “bad” thing that I don’t like about this is that it doesn’t take into account your individual tastes and what type of food you prefer. With that being said, some people like being told exactly what to eat, and he also advocates cheat meals once and a while to keep your sanity in check.

Lastly – A Few Bonuses Came With The Fat Burning Switch

Bob Baker’s weight loss program came with a few extra bonuses. They aren’t anything amazing; they’re just a few nifty little guides to help you along your journey, but they still add to the overall value of the product.

Fat Burning Switch Bonus 1

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Fat Burning Switch Bonus 2

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Fat Burning Switch Bonus 3

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Fat Burning Switch Bonus 4

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As you can see, three out of four of them are similar to those weight loss articles that you’d see on multiple weight loss blogs. All of them with the headlines such as “7 Quick Weight Loss Tips To Help You Get Your Summer Body!”

And that’s it for my Fat Burning Switch Review!

Fat Burning Switch Final Rating: B-

Bob Baker’s Fat Burning Switch isn’t terrible – it contains quite a bit of good information on weight loss, and the presentation of the information is great. But, it contains a bit too much fluff for me to recommend it, it doesn’t come with any video content, and it’s too overpriced for what it is offered.

For these reasons, I can’t recommend this product to you.

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