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Man, I’m so grateful to have a job like mine. I get to decimate crappy, over expensive weight loss products that provide little to no value whatsoever – saving you guys time and money whilst providing you a bit of entertainment in the process.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Anti Diet Solution by Anthony Alayon. Anthony claims that the Anti Diet Solution helped a 68-year-old grandma lose 16 pounds in 10 days, and 84 pounds over the course of a year. He claims that she did this all without long boring workouts, strict low carb diets, starving herself, and without prescribing to any expensive diet pills or surgeries. He says that the Anti Diet Solution will help you to reverse the signs of aging on your body, reduce your chances of suffering from any man-made diseases, boost your fat-burning hormones, and flush out the trapped fat around your midsection.

Continue reading to find out why you shouldn’t waste your time and money on this fluff-filled, generic weight loss guide that provides little value to you whatsoever.

HealthVI Isn’t Affiliated With Anthony Or The Anti Diet Solution

Just so ya know, the team here at HealthVI aren’t affiliated with Anthony or his crappy Anti Diet Solution guide. I do my best to write reviews that will educate you on the sea of crappy health and fitness guides there are on the internet whilst providing some entertainment to you through my radically honest, brutal, and overly authentic writing style (I’m a huge fan of authenticity, so it spills over into my writing). In doing so, you save time and money by not investing in the crappy products, whilst purchasing the ones that actually deliver proper value at an affordable price.

With that being said, let’s move onto the review.

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Anti Diet Solution Review In A Nutshell

If you’re one of those types of people who just want the yes-or-no verdict, or you can’t stand my extremely honest approach to product reviews, then here’s a little bitesize version of the Anti Diet Solution Review:

The Anti Diet Solution is just another crappy weight loss product containing a bunch of fluff. The little weight loss information that it does contain is extremely generic and is something that could be found for free with a few searches on Google. It contains very few weight loss principles; if you read it, you’ll probably have the reaction of “well I already knew this stuff! Why the heck did I pay $37 for this?!” It contains no video content whatsoever, and it’s definitely not worth your time or money investment.

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A Few Upsells To Begin The Review

After purchasing the Anti Diet Solution, I was met with a total of four upsells and downsells. These products included a bunch of generic recipes and quick weight loss guides that really aren’t worth your time or money; once again, a few searches on Google will provide you with exactly the same information for free.

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After skipping the upsells and downsells, I accessed a download page that looks a lil’ something like this.

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I jumped into the main guide and found a few noteworthy points that were worth mentioning in this review.

First Off – The Approach Is A Bit “Iffy”

Essentially, Anthony is an advocate for eating healthy foods (fish, organic fruits, veggies, etc) in order for you to lose weight. Not only are these foods micronutrient dense, but they’re also calorically conservative in comparison to all your process foods that you’ll find your local supermarkets and fast food chains filled with.

Anthony educates you on a number of reasons why this approach is optimal – he mentions a number of concepts in relation to your gut health, hormones, and even has a few diagrams to illustrate the points being conveyed.

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Whilst all this information is true, and also while I’m a heavy advocate for eating a micronutrient dense diet that provides your body with the vitamins and minerals required to support your bodily functions, there’s still so much information missing on how to actually lose weight. Anthony makes it out as if though it’s completely impossible to lose weight eating “unhealthy” foods, which is untrue. The number one determinant for losing weight is your caloric intake. That’s why John Cisna was able to lose weight eating only Mcdonalds, and Mark Huab was able to 27 pounds in only 2 months eating nothing but Twinkies, Doritos, sugary cereals, and other processed foods.

Now, I’m not saying you should go and eat McDonalds and hope that you lose weight, all I’m saying is that if you want to lose weight, the number one thing you should be focused on is to be in a caloric deficit. Obviously, it’s easier to lose weight if you’re eating foods that aren’t as calorically dense as a Big Mac, but I wanted to stress that point since Anthony didn’t do so in his Anti Diet Solution product.

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Second – The Exercise Section Is Hella Lackluster

Whilst the concepts that he advocates is true, Anthony fails to deliver high quality and useful information on the two concepts of Interval Training and Resistance Training.

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It’s only around 5 and a half pages of information on exercise; the concepts of HIIT and weights training and how it relates to weight loss definitely can’t be covered in that amount of space. Also, they haven’t included any video content to go along with any of the educational information, which is another reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you guys and gals; I’ve seen plenty of other products for the same price with video content to go along with it.

Final Rating: D

The information that Anthony has provided in his Anti Diet Solution is extremely lackluster, it’s relatively flawed, and there’s no video content or reliable, actionable information to go along with it. There’s so much valuable information missing from this product that can be found in other products that provide more educational and actionable information, and for these reasons, I wouldn’t’ recommend this product to my Health Fanatic family.

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