The Venus Factor Review

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… Today, I’ve got a very special surprise for you. I’m going to be reviewing The Venus Factor by John Barbon which is a “12 Week Fat Loss System” specifically designed for women to help you transform your body in a healthy and enjoyable fashion.

In this review, I’m going to show you exactly why I highly recommend this product for anyone that’s looking to lose weight due to its simple, no-B.S. nature.

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The Venus Factor Summary

If you’re 10 minutes late for work, halfway out the door while struggling to put your clothes on, and you’re dying to know just the quick yes-or-no verdict, here it is…


This is the first product that I’ve reviewed that I would actually recommend for people. I love this product because John Barbon went the extra mile to make a legitimate weight loss product that’s easy to follow, contains no fluff, and supports the fact that true long term weight loss requires a bit of dedication and patience. Even though The Venus Factor is marketed towards women, it still contains general weight loss principles that can be used by both males and females. So if you’re a dude who’s looking for a reliable weight loss product that’s straightforward and easy to follow, this is the one for you.

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John Barbon Has Included The Most Important Weight Loss Principle

How the hell can you call something a weight loss product if you can’t even include the number one thing that’s required to lose weight? For some reason, the last three products that I’ve reviewed have either completely disregarded it or only briefly mentioned it. John Barbon has done the complete opposite in The Venus Factor by stating a number of times that the number one thing that’s required for you to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit. 

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I love how he points out that it doesn’t matter whether the food that you eat is healthy of unhealthy, if we’re talking solely about weight loss, it’s the calorie content that matters. And like John says, that doesn’t mean your diet should consist of pizza, burgers and fries (even though I had that for dinner last night and still lost 0.5 lbs that day), but it does mean that you can include your favorite foods into your diet and still be in a calorie deficit.

The Venus Factor Contains No Fluff Whatsoever

In the past three products I’ve reviewed, for some reason, they’ve decided to include a bunch of information that confuses the reader and just adds extra fluff to the product. They’ve also included affiliate links and upsells to products that I’m 99% sure they don’t even use, they’re just including it in hopes that you’ll buy so they get an affiliate commission.

Everything that’s talked about in the Venus Factor will aid you in your weight loss journey. For example, John Barbon has included information about the hormone Leptin, which is a hormone that helps to suppress your appetite.

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He’s also added information about the three macro nutrients that make up a diet which are carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

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And to top it off, he’s even added a simple website for you to access all of The Venus Factor resources, including over 30 video exercise examples and a nutrition calculator that helps you to calculate the amount of calories you need to lose weight.

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It seems as if though John Barbon really has gone the extra mile to provide his customers with straightforward weight loss principles minus the fluffed up information and annoying upsells.

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He’s Included Realistic Weight Loss Projections

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you most likely already understand how much of a hate I have for any product that claims it provides instant results. I see these products that claim to lose 20 pounds of body fat in 3 weeks and I’m thinking, “Are you serious? Does it take 3 weeks to gain 20 pounds of body fat? No Way. So why the heck do you think you can lose the same amount of fat in a shorter period of time?”

Any huge change in your life probably requires a long-term mindset coupled with delayed gratification, and weight loss is no exception. So with that being said, if there was one point that I had to choose to be my favorite, it’d be this one.

John Barbon has stated the fact that true, everlasting weight loss is a long-term process. I mean, even on the front page of The Venus Factor it says that it’s a 12-week fat loss system.

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12 weeks is a solid amount of time to see a good amount of visual, tangible weight loss results.

He even talks about crash diets and how they’re a temporary fix for a long-term problem.

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The Venus Factor realistic projections with crash diets

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In my opinion, this is the number one reason why the majority of people fail to achieve long lasting weight loss – because they want quick results. There’s a reason why statistics show that the number one new years resolution is to lose weight, yet only 8% of people achieve their news years resolution. Because everyone gets excited at the beginning of the year with the “new year, new me” emotions, yet 3 weeks later they realize how hard it REALLY is and so they give up.

He’s even addressed the likely chance that the majority of people are going to slip up following these new healthy protocols. And to cover this, he says that it’s okay to eat foods that are considered unhealthy every once and a while as long as you achieve a caloric deficit.

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It’s like he’s written a guide that directly sums up the methods that I used to lose 70 pounds.

  1. Eat healthy foods, but it’s okay to eat foods that are considered bad every once and a while
  2. Incorporate intermittent fasting. This way you’re getting more calories in a shorter time window and feel fuller for longer.
  3. Exercise. At least 5 times per week.
  4. Get high quality sleep.

He’s kept it honest and made realistic projections. He’s taken the long term approach, and has addressed every situation that the reader might experience.

The Venus Factor Final Rating: A

Honestly, this product was such a pleasure to review for the reasons. I love The Venus Factor because John Barbon went the extra mile to make a weight loss product that does 3 things in particular:

  1. He specifically mentions how the number one requirement for weight loss is to be in a caloric deficit. Other so-called weight loss products that I have reviewed for some reason completely disregarded this concept, so it’s nice to see there are still products out there that stress the importance of a caloric deficit.
  2. There’s no fluff information in this product. All the information is valuable and related to weight loss information that will aid you in your weight loss journey.
  3. He makes realistic weight loss projections. He doesn’t promise that you’ll lose crazy, unhealthy amounts of weight in short periods of time like other crash diets do. He also says that you’ll most likely slip up every now and then, and that that’s okay as long as you’re in a caloric deficit the majority of the time.

Thanks John Barbon for ACTUALLY caring about your customers. You da’ real MVP.

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