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Today, I’ll be going through Danette May’s recipe book called Eat, Drink, And Shrink. She claims that her recipe book will help you to heal your body, fight aging and disease, and dramatically boost your mood. She also claims that these recipes are specifically designed with the right macronutrient blend to help you build lean muscle and burn stomach fat. She also says that these recipes are delicious, contains only a maximum of 5 ingredients, and the majority of them can be made in under 10 minutes.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a recipe book thingy-ma-jiggy. Let’s see if Danette May can provide a high-quality recipe guide with mouthwatering, delicious recipes to help you lose weight, burn fat, and feel great.

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Eat Drink And Shrink Review At A Glance

Even though I usually wouldn’t recommend something like this, I believe that Danette May’s product is definitely something that can help you lose weight and burn fat in an easier fashion. If you want a quick recipe guide that shows you how to make delicious, easy recipes that can be whipped up in no time, then this is definitely something for you. She’s included a ton of different recipes including breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, and she’s also included some fundamental information on weight loss, and a bit of motivational material here and there too.

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Eat, Drink, And Shrink’s Upsells

There was a total of three upsells on offer after the purchase of Eat, Drink, And Shrink. These products included an anti-aging food guide, another handy little diet guide, and some more recipes books.

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After skipping the upsells, I was taken to the download page that looks like this.

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Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the review, I just wanted to clear one thing up…

Who This Product Is NOT For

If you’re completely new to health and fitness, and you’re looking for information on how to lose weight, burn fat, and all those other benefits that you wanna hear, then this product isn’t for you. You’re much more suited to an educational product such as the Venus Factor that teaches you how to lose weight with video content too. I only recommend this product to people who want a quick, straightforward recipe book and who already know how to lose weight, but just can’t be bothered finding delicious recipes on the internet.

Now that that’s outta the way, here are some points about Danette May’s recipe book that are worthy of mentioning…

Eat, Drink, And Shrink Contains A Ton Of Delicious, Easy-To-Make Recipes

Danette May has delivered a high-quality, straightforward product that does exactly what the sales page promises: teaches you how to make damn good food in a short amount of time, with only a few ingredients. Now, some of the recipes included are pretty basic (such as eggs on toast, which to be completely honest, when I read I was like “…really?”), but the majority of them are recipes that are easy to follow and healthy – perfect if you’re wanting to lose weight and take a lot of the thinking out of the process.

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This type of stuff is perfect if you’re new to weight loss, you already know the fundamentals of how to lose weight, but you reaaaally just can’t be bothered coming up with your own healthy meals. Take the thinking out of the process and invest in a high quality, straightforward recipe book such as Eat Drink And Shrink, and it’ll make your weight loss journey that┬ámuch easier.

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It Also Includes A Bit Of Extra Information On Weight Loss And Motivation

Not only has Danette been kind enough to provide delicious recipes, she’s also included a bit of bonus information on self-help, motivation, and the fundamentals of weight loss as it relates to nutrition.

Eat Drink And Shrink Bonus Information

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The recipe guide alone was enough to justify the price point of Eat, Drink, and Shrink. But, because Danette May added this extra information in here, it increases the value of the product and makes me feel a bit more comfortable with recommending this product to you. What’s good about this bonus information is that it’s that exactly, a BONUS. I’ve seen other weight loss guides that are filled with motivational content that adds up to roughly half of the content in the guide. It’s good to see that Danette has included this information as bonus material, and not as the majority of her recipe book.

Eat, Drink, And Shrink Bonus Guides

The last thing that I’ll mention is that Danette’s product comes with additional two guides including a “success tracker” and a meal plan guide.

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It’s just more high-quality material that increases the value of the product. And since the recipe guide is already amazing, anything else added on top of it is just extra amazing. The success tracker, in particular, is pretty dope, since recording your results in a tangible format has shown to increase your chances of weight loss success.

Eat Drink And Shrink Final Rating: A+

Keep in mind that this is an A+ rating for what it is – a recipe book. Eat, Drink, And Shrink includes really easy, delicious, fast recipes that will help anyone looking to start their healthy journey as smooth as possible. On top of that, it’s at an affordable price, and it includes a ton of other bonus information that acts as the “whipped cream on top.” For these reasons, I can happily recommend this product to you guys and gals.

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