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I’ve got a really special treat for you fanatics today – specifically for you fellas who want to put on stacks of muscle mass. Today, I’ll be reviewing MI40X by Ben Pakulski. Ben has made some pretty massive claims on his sales page, but nowhere near as massive as his 22-inch biceps. He says that he’s found a method that can help you put on pounds of lean muscle mass while burning fat. He says that this product can help you put on several pounds of muscle every week with a protocol that only takes you four minutes to do.  He also says that these 4 minutes create 200% more muscle gains. His last claim is that this product will help you to grow wings and fly.

Okay, I made that last claim up, but the other ones are straight from Ben’s 22-inch mouth. Let’s see if his MI40X product can back it up.

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MI40X Review In A Nutshell

Now, even though his sales claims are clickbaity as hell (I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s biologically impossible to put on several pounds of muscle every week consistently), his product is definitely one of the best bodybuilding products that I’ve ever seen. He’s included stacks of valuable muscle building and fat burning information without the fluff. He’s also included tons of video content to help you on your journey to building some 22-inch biceps. The price point is a little higher than the other products I’ve reviewed, but I wouldn’t be recommending this product if he didn’t provide a great product that can help you put on stacks of muscle mass.

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An Upsell And A Downsell To Begin The Purchase

After purchasing MI40x, I was greeted with an upsell and a downsell of a meal plan product.

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It could be worth the money – I’d suggest you take a look at it properly and see if it’s aligned with your goals or not. I guess if you’re one of those people that just want a straightforward, easy-to-follow plan that requires little effort on your part, then it would be worth the money.

After skipping the up and downsell, I was taken to a fancy little website that looked a little something like this.

MI40X Website

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I jumped into the content, and even though I was pre-judging the product because of its unrealistic sales claims, I was pleasantly surprised at how much valuable content there is.

Let’s Start Off With The “Bad.”

It’s not that it’s necessarily bad – it’s just that the breakdown of why his training method is so effective can be extremely difficult to follow due to it being a bit too wordy. Check the following screenshots for a couple of examples.

MI40X Confusing 1

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Once again, I’m not saying that it’s bad, I’m just saying that it could be hard for a Health Newbie to process the information. With that being said, if you can get past the big science words (or maybe I’m just a complete idiot), then you’ll find a ton of golden nuggets on building muscle and burning fat.

MI40X Is Fundamentally Sound As Heck

Ben Pakulski has included a bunch of great information on how your body builds muscle and ways to hasten the process.

MI40X 3 Tricks

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MI40X Overview

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MI40X Hormones

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He’s also included a guide with a bunch of different exercises and pictures to support it to help you build as much muscle as possible. The guide shows you which exercises stress the desired muscle group the most, and how to perform the exercise correctly, so you’re not doing too much damage to your joints and body.

MI40X Warmup

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MI40X Exercsies Guide 2

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MI40X Exercsies Guide

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He’s taken care of the exercise/weight lifting side of things completely, and he’s also added a bunch of useful information on dieting and how to build the most amount of muscle possible from a nutrition standpoint.

MI40X Nutrition Guide

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MI40X Nutrition

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MI40X Nutrition Carb Cycling

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I can happily say that the information in this guide is straightforward, no-fluff, valuable information on the most important parts of building muscle, which is diet and exercise.

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Ben Pakulski Has Included A Bunch Of Other Free Content

Not only has Ben added the necessary information to help you build stacks of muscle, but he’s also included a ton of other free content such as a 7-day detox diet, stacks of free video content, and a free downloadable DVD.

MI40X Free Videos

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MI40X Other Content

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MI40X Free DVD

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MI40X Detox Guide

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Honestly, the quality of the information provided in the weight lifting and nutrition guide alone would be enough to justify the price point; you’ll save so much time with the amount of honest, no-fluff information that he’s provided. But he goes even further by providing tens, if not hundreds of hours of free video content and multiple other guides to help you to burn fat, build lean muscle, and ultimately, be a healthier version of yourself.

This is why I can so happily recommend this product to my health fanatic family.

MI40X Final Rating: A+

It’s extremely rare that I give out an A+, but I can happily do so with Ben Pakulski’s muscle building product. He’s given straightforward, valuable diet and exercise information without the fluff. He’s also included a bunch of other guides and hours upon hours of video content to help you along your health journey. Oh, and there’s a money-back guarantee as well, so if you didn’t feel as if though the product was worth the price point, you can just make use of that.

High five to you, Mr. Ben Pakulski.

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