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I’ve got a really quick, compact, yet informative review for you guys. In today’s episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews, I’ll be going through Bar Brothers The System. This product was created by Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic. These guys claim that you can get a really sexy, lean, and athletic body with just your body and a bar. Their whole program is based around bodyweight exercises that help build lean muscle, burn fat, and increase the overall quality of your health.

Let’s jump straight into the review.

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Bar Brothers The System Review Summary

It may not be as visually pleasing, the design of the website may be a little lackluster, but you can definitely add some solid lean muscle mass and burn fat with this program. It contains a bunch of video and a few manuals here and there to help you complete the guide. I can safely say that if you implement this training routine, and your nutrition is on point, you can easily have a sexy, lean, athletic body.

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Some Bar Brothers Upsells To Start Off The Review

There were a few upsells that I encountered after the initial purchase of Bar Brothers The System. The main upsells that I would recommend you take a look at are the support groups and the nutrition guide.

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Specifically for the support/bar brothers motivation group, it’s always good to have a team of like-minded people that are on the same mission as you; it helps you stay motivated, and it’s just good to surround yourself with the right type of individuals. Also, if you have no idea what to do when it comes to healthy eating, the nutrition guide might be of use to you.

After skipping the upsells, I dove into the product and was pleasantly surprised at the layout of the program as well as the legitimacy of its creators.

The Creators Of Bar Brothers The System Are Legit

A good indicator for the legitimacy of a product is to scope out its creators. I’m very aware of the Bar Brothers and their groups; their facebook page has over 1,700,000 likes from people around the world, and their youtube channel has roughly 400,000 subscribers. These guys are O.G’s in the health/fitness community, and as soon as I saw that this product was created by them, I knew it was going to be a legit product.

The Layout Of The Program Is A Great Way To Create A Sexy Physique Without Much Equipment

For some reason, people have this misconception that you need to go to a gym in order to do resistance training. This is false – even 15-year-old Danyon Togia (that’s around 6-7 years ago now) started exercising with just bodyweight circuits because one of my friends said that it’s impossible to lose weight without going to a gym. I’ve got this weird thing about me that if a goal is in my own interest and a person doubts that I can achieve it, it motivates me like 100x more. I got some solid results with bodyweight training, and so I have first-hand experience with the results that calisthenics training can bring you.

Bar Brothers The System is a 12-week long program to help you build strength, lean muscle, and burn fat in a step-by-step manner.

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It starts off pretty basic to make sure that  you’re not jumping into anything that’s too difficult for you newbies, and it works its way up in intensity so that you’re constantly challenging your body by building more lean muscle, and burning more fat.

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12 Weeks is a reaaaaally good amount of time for you to start seeing some results, implementing great habits, building muscle, and burning fat.

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It’s A Great Way For Health Newbies To Build A Foundation Of Strength

Going straight to the gym and using free weights or machines can be a huge shock to your body, especially if you’re completely new to workout out. Body weight training is an excellent way to build a foundation of strength so that when you hit the gym (if you ever decide to), your body is already accustom to a bit of resistance. Body weight training is also incredibly great at strengthening your stabilizer muscles, which helps stabilize your body as it goes through movements like bench press, dead lifts, and other lifts.

It’s not uncommon that you can see a bodybuilder lift a crazy amount of weight on a machine, but their strength drops drastically when they do body weight or free weight exercises. One of the main reasons for this is because machines don’t allow you to use your stabilizer muscles, at least nowhere near as much as body weight or free weight training. For this reason, adding some calisthenics to your training program can be extremely beneficial, and is another reason why I can happily recommend this product.

Barbell Brothers The System Takes You Step-By-Step Through The Program

It also gives you access to a membership site where you can watch a bunch of videos that takes you step-by-step through the course, the routines, and the exercises.

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And to be completely honest, that’s about it! It’s a straightforward guide that says “here’s what to do, here’s how to do it.”

No fluff. No beating around the bush. Just actionable steps that you can use to start burning fat and gaining strength today.

Bar Brothers The System Final Rating: A-

I know this review was a really short one, but it’s because there’s not much to talk about. Like I said, it’s a straightforward exercise program that you can use to build strength, lean muscle mass, and burn fat without much equipment. There’s not much nutrition information to accompany it (which is why I said the nutritional upsell could be of use to you), but nevertheless, it’s an excellent guide created by legitimate Health Fanatics with plenty of experience.

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