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Holy damn it’s so refreshing to find products that ACTUALLY deliver value to the consumer. On today’s episode of Reliable Weight Loss Products, I’ll be reviewing Old School New Body by Steve and Becky Holman. The Holman’s have designed a “Youth-Enhancing Bodyshaping System For Men And Women” that can be completed in only 90 minutes per week.

In this review, I’m going to show you the pros and cons of this product with step by step evidence as to why it’s a great product that’s perfect for seniors and healthy newbies who are looking to get in shape in a safe and efficient manner.

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The Bitesize Old School New Body Review

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole review and you’re just wanting the yes-or-no answer, then here it is: Buy this product IF you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You’re looking for a way to exercise in a safe manner. The F4X Method is specifically designed to help you build the body of your dreams in a way that doesn’t wreak havoc on your joints.
  • You’re above 30 years old or  you’re a health and fitness newbie who’s new to exercising. The workout system is extremely simple yet effective and doesn’t take hours of agonizing pain to complete, making it perfect for health newbies.
  • You’re strapped for time but still want to exercise. The workouts are quite short yet effective and will help you to reap the benefits of resistance training in a time efficient manner.

I wouldn’t recommend this product for powerlifters who’re wanting to increase their strength. Old School New Body is perfect for anyone who’s wanting to build a great body in a time-efficient and safe manner.

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Let’s Start With The Not-So-Good Stuff

Even though I think this product is put together quite well and at an affordable price ($20 is hella cheap for a product like this), there were a few aspects that could be improved on to bring more value to the reader.

First off, upon buying the product, there were quite a few upsells that I had to get past in order to reach the download page.

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Even though this isn’t necessarily a weight loss guide (its primary focus is more on the workouts), it would have been nice to see a bit more information on nutrition and how much of an important part is plays in building muscle/burning fat.

Old School New Body lack of nutrition

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As you can see, there are only two sections dedicated to nutrition and it doesn’t really dive deep into the nutrition concept. Perhaps some extra information on creating a caloric deficit would benefit the readers more as this is required in order to lose weight.

But as I said, there are waaaaay more good points than bad points in this product. So let’s move on to the good stuff.

The F4X Method Is Perfect For Seniors Or Exercise Newbies

The resistance training method that they’ve designed is perfect for anyone that’s new to resistance training or elderly people. The main reason for this is because it’s a high rep, moderate weight system with short rests. This is hugely beneficial for newbies and seniors because it won’t ruin your joints due to the moderate weight, but it’s strenuous enough to incorporate the muscles and get a good workout. It’s also great because the workouts are relatively short yet effective which allows you to gradually ease into the exercising process rather than jumping straight into a 2-hour grueling workout that’ll make you want to quit after the first session.

Old School New Body F4x method

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The program is also primarily designed using compound movements such as the squat, incline press, bent-over row, and upright rows.

Old School New Body basic exercises

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Studies have shown that compound movements are the greatest resistance exercises for the body. They’ll give you the biggest bang for your buck as they incorporate multiple muscle groups and allow you to lift more weight, which helps you burn more calories and release more growth hormone from your body.

They’ve Included Realistic Projections

For those of you who don’t know, I have a fiery hate for any products that promise quick results in a short period of time. True, everlasting weight loss is a long-term process, not something that can be completely fixed in 3 weeks or less. One study shows that weight gain is common to see following a period of weight loss. Now what I’m about to say is complete bro science, but I believe this is because it’s easy to fall back into old habits after following a diet for only 2-3 weeks.

They have addressed this directly by saying that they’re not promising quick results that dwindle away after only a couple of weeks. The Holman’s have even specifically stated that this is hard work; even though it can be completed in 90 minutes a week, it’s 90 minutes of hard work.

Old School New Body Realistic Projections

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How beautifully honest is that! “F4X is hard work – anything that produces this kind of radical age-defying result will never be a walk in the park.”

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On their sales page, they also went ahead and completely singled out anyone who’s not willing to put in the effort and is looking for a quick-fix.

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Other Beneficial Tidbits In This Product

Along with the realistic projections and the simple yet effective F4X method of exercising, there are other general points which are really valuable and beneficial for the reader throughout the product. At the time of purchase, it came with a number of free bonuses and interviews.

Old School New Body extra

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They’ve also included information on the importance of habits, consistency, and motivation which are crucial if you’re wanting long-term weight loss success.

Old School New Body motivation

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They’ve also included examples of their own meal plans that they use which is really good as I’m sure there’ll be a number of readers who’re curious to see what Steve and Becky Holman eat.

Old School New Body example meal plan

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And the last thing that I found really beneficial were the basics that were summed up in an easy-to-digest fashion. Whether you like or don’t like how simple these tips are, they’re the fundamentals of every health and fitness product so it’s good to hear them again to reiterate the importance of them.

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Old School New Body Final Rating: B+

Overall, Old School New Body is a really good product for anyone that’s new to resistance training and wants a workout routine that’ll bring great results in a safe and time efficient manner. A bit more information on nutrition would’ve really sealed the deal, but the main focus was the F4X method of training and they provided a few sample workouts and examples of meal plans to go along with it. That coupled with the realistic projections and bonuses of this product made it a solid B+ in my books.

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And of course, if you purchase it and decide it’s not for you, there’s a solid money-back guarantee if you feel it wasn’t worth the 20 bucks.

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