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How are yall doing today? Are you fine and dandy? Are you smashing your health goals? I sure hope so. I also hope that you’re in the mood to read another episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews.

Today, I’ll be going through Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer’s exercise product called Bodyweight Burn. They’ve made a number of claims on their sales page – they claim that with 21 minutes a day, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Burn a bit of belly fat every day
  • Have more energy and better health
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Enjoy your favorite carbs
  • Lose weight without every going to a gym and wasting money on those pesky gym fees
  • Burn fat with just your bodyweight

They say that these bodyweight exercises are proven to activate your fat burning metabolism 67% more than traditional exercises. They say that the current workouts you may be doing can have a detrimental effect not only on your weight loss journey but also your structural integrity.

Meh, we’ve heard it all before heart at HealthVI. Let’s see if Ryan and Adam’s exercise product is anything worth talking about.

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Bodyweight Burn Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

Yeah, I can safely say that this is easily one of the best exercise programs that I’ve ever reviewed. Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steel have created a fundamentally sound training product that incorporates a bunch of crucial, effective exercises in an interval-training format to help build you muscle, increase metabolism, and burn stacks of calories while you’re at it. They’ve taken out a bunch of the fluff that I’ve seen on other health products, and they’ve provided a bunch of additional content and video samples to help you complete the workout.

Oh, and it’s only $19. That’s what I call a bargain.

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Bodyweight Burn Upsells

After purchasing Bodyweight Burn, I was met with roughly 4 upsells. They looked pretty valuable – I’d take time to go through the diet one (especially if you know nothing about nutrition) and also the membership group trial (studies have shown that social support is extremely effective while on your health journey.)

Bodyweight Burn Upsell 1

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Bodyweight Burn Upsell 3

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However, if you just want a straightforward bodyweight program that helps you build muscle and burn fat, then just the Bodyweight Burn product alone will suffice.

I skipped past the upsells and was taken to a fancy little membership site that looks a little something like this.

Bodyweight Burn membership Site

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Just so you’re aware – 80% of the products I review are complete garbage, so every product I review, I go into the reviewing process with the mindset that “this is going to be crap.” Kind of like guilty until proven innocent, or crappy product until proven otherwise.

Luckily for you guys and gals, this product blew away my expectations, and I can comfortably recommend this product to my Health Fanatic Family for a number of reasons.

First – It’s A Fundamentally Sound Bodyweight Product

I’m actually super surprised at how straightforward and how well-presented the information in this product is. Firstly, they break down the reason as to WHY “conventional” workouts aren’t the best for burning fat and building muscle, and can actually be detrimental to the body if not performed correctly.

Bodyweight Burn Long Slow Cardio Example

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They go into explaining a bunch of really valid points, for example:

  • How long slow cardio isn’t the best thing for burning fat, and how it can actually be detrimental because of the effect that it has on your cortisol levels
  • Muscle is critical for burning fat (but not unnecessary amounts of muscle like these juiced up bodybuilders)
  • More isn’t necessarily better (explains how short yet intense workouts are ideal for ramping up your metabolism and creating a greater┬ácaloric expenditure)
  • The benefits of bodyweight exercises, including the ability to do it anytime/anywhere, no gym fees, and the safety that comes with using just your bodyweight compared to heavy weight lifting.

One they’ve broken down the reason as to why Bodyweight Burn’s exercise protocol is so effective, they then move onto explaining the routine and the phases that you’re going to go through.

Bodyweight Burn Phase 1

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Bodyweight Burn Phase 1 Example 2

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They then proceed to tell you the exercises that need to be done, as well as the protocols around it.

Bodyweight Burn Exercise Example

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Essentially, they’ve presented the WHY and the HOW of the exercise program, which is one of the things that I look for when reviewing a great product. AND, they’ve done so in a no-fluff, straightforward fashion manner; a bunch of other products I’ve reviewed have included a bunch of fluff stuff that just adds extra pages to the book that aren’t required, and can possibly just confuse the reader.

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Second – They’ve Included Video Content

The second reason why this product is so great is because of the amount of video and audio content that they’ve added to help you perform the workouts. They’ve included video exercise guides, follow-along workout videos, and a bunch of audios too.

Bodyweight Burn Video Content

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Bodyweight Burn Video Content 2

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Bodyweight Burn Video Content 3

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Be aware that this isn’t everything – I just thought for convenience sake you wouldn’t want to have a bunch of screenshots with every single friggen video/audio example there was on offer.

Thirdly – It’s Cheap As Chips

I mean, 19$ – that’s a bargain. That’s enough for a good feed of Fish and Chips for my whole Samoan family of 5. Imagine just spending $19 and investing in your health rather than $19 on some other B.S. that doesn’t even contribute to your over wellbeing. I’ve seen other crappy products that don’t even deliver value being charged 3 times more than this, so to get such an enormous amount of quality content and value for such a low price means that I’m 100% comfortable recommending this product to my Health Fanatic Family.

Lastly – They’ve Included A Bunch Of ┬áBonuses

Ryan and Adam have also added a bunch of bonus guides and videos which just adds to the overall value of the product.

Bodyweight Burn Bonus 1

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Bodyweight Burn Bonus 2

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I hope by now you’re starting to see why this product is, in my own words, “gangsta.”

Bodyweight Burn Final Rating: A+

For an exercise product that delivers this much amount of straightforward, no-fluff content that could possibly take you hundreds of hours to find out if you were to take the free route, I’ll happily give this product an A+. Also, considering the amount of video and audio content there is, it’s just another reason that I can recommend this product to you guys and gals.

Oh, and it’s 19$.

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This is a one-man review team here people – I feel like the review writer version of Tom Hanks in Castaway, Wilson Ball and all. I hope you guys are doing well. I mean, I’ve never personally met any of you before, but I know what it feels like to go from A to B; to be overweight and then be healthy. The journey feels amazing, and I want every member of my Health Fanatic Family to experience the same thing.

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Train Hard. Eat Healthy. Sleep Good.

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