Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

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I’ve downed my black coffee; I’m sippin’ on my 3-liter bottle of water to wash away the coffee stains from my pearly whites, and I’m ready to give you another dose of brutally honest reality as I review another health product.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore. Rusty has made a few unusual claims on his sales page; he says that you could be ruining your physique that you’re working oh-so-hard for by following the, “…standard advice of concentrating on the “big 3″ lifts (squat, deadlift, and bench press)…” which he says can have you creating a terrible looking, bulky, unattractive “hour-glass” physique. Rusty says that his method of training will give you that Hollywood look that Taylor Lautner and Brad Pitt have when they’re in shape. Lastly, he says that his Visual Impact Muscle Building product will help you to add muscle in a way that drastically enhances your appearance whilst allowing you to create the exact look you desire.

Just A Little Side Note Before We Get Into The Review…

The team here at HealthVI isn’t associated with Rusty Moore or his Visual Impact Muscle Building Product. Both the big boss Ian and I run off of a little quality that’s actually quite rare to find in the Health and Fitness Industry… and that quality is honesty.

We’ve both been on our own health journey; just within the past two years, I’ve lost over 70 lbs and have managed to keep it off. Along the way, I came across a lot of misleading and misguiding information and products. I use my 6+ years of health and fitness experience to review products, so that you can save your money on the sea of fluff-filled, crappy weight loss products, and instead invest in ones that will actually improve the quality of your health and life at an affordable cost.

Phew. That was deep. Let’s move into the review before I bust out into an emotional Whitney Houston song and watch The Notebook on replay for three hours.

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

If you haven’t got time to stick around and read the whole review, here’s the review summary of Rusty Moore’s muscle building product:

Visual Impact Muscle Building definitely includes tidbits of golden muscle building nuggets, and Rusty definitely has got a lot of experience to go along with his product, but it’s not something that I’d recommend to my Health Fanatic Family.

The golden nuggets are hidden amongst a sea of fluff, and it’d be quite hard for a health newbie to sift through the fluff to draw out the gold. Whilst the exercise guide provided is hella’ dope; it doesn’t contain any video content to accompany it. I’ve seen a lot higher quality products for a similar price, and for this reason…

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Just One Honest Upsell To Begin The Review

There was only one upsell being offered after the purchase of Visual Impact Muscle Building; it’s a cardio product created by Rusty as well.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Upsell

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The thing that I liked the most about this, however, is that Rusty specifically said in the upsell that this product isn’t required to build a great physique; he says that he hates the unethical approach that other product creators have taken – they promise you that you’ll get a six pack with the first product, then two minutes later they say something along the lines of “Oh wait, you’re actually  missing half of the product. Purchase this upsell to get the full package that will help you to get a six pack just like I promised in the first product.”

The only reason why he’s offering this product post-purchase is because a lot of his customers wanted to buy his cardio product after finding out about his muscle building product, so he thought he’d offer it at a discounted price.

What a Pal.

After skipping the upsell, I was taken to a site where I downloaded the product. The site looked a little something like this.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Membership Site

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I downloaded the ebooks, chucked on my review glasses, and got to work.

First Off – The Exercise Guide Is Extensive As Hell

I’ll jump into the good of the product to begin this review. Visual Impact Muscle Building comes with 3 ebooks: the main guide which contains all of the educational mumbo-jumbo, the exercise guide which includes a bunch of exercises (go figure), and an ebook with a bunch of printable workout routines.

The best thing about this product, in my opinion, was the exercise guide. It’s clear, concise, and it includes tons of exercises for each individual body part, as well as some pictures to go along with the exercises.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Exercise Guide 1

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Exercise Guide 2

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Exercise Guide 3

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Exercise Guide 4

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The format of the exercise guide is extremely awesome (I couldn’t think of a more descriptive word than awesome) – it’s easy to find a bunch of exercises for a particular body part you want to train. For example, let’s say you wanna build some huge pecs like the king of bodybuilding ol’ Arnold Schwarzenegger, just click on the “Chest Exercises” section and you’ll be taken to a list of exercises that you can implement into your routine so you can make some crazy chest gains.

The other good thing about this product was that it included a few key pieces of muscle building information. However, there was one thing that got in the way of these golden nuggets…

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It’s Hidden Amongst A Bit Of Fluff

The golden nuggets in this book are scattered throughout the book amongst a bit of fluff. I mean, even the principles that he talks about are scattered in a way that’s hard to internalize as you read it. Check out the table of contents for a list of principles.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scattered Content

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Scattered Content 2

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The easiest way I can convey the point is through the use of food. 

Let’s say that it’s dinner time, and a genie magically appears from my lamp and says that I can have any food that I want. I’d easily ask for a chicken caesar salad for an entree, a medium-rare scotch fillet steak with a side of fries, and a banana split with dessert (with whipped cream, caramel sauce, and a handful of nuts on top).

In the correct order, these foods would go down better than a cold brewski after a hard day of hands-on work. But imagine if the genie decided to be a complete loser and give me the sundae first, followed by the steak and fries, and ended with a salad. The order of food is completely out of whack.

That’s how Rusty presents his muscle building information. They’re all important, they all contain a bit of value, but it’s just presented in a random, sporadic fashion that makes it hard to internalize.

Not only that, but there’s a bit of fluff in the books that isn’t necessarily required. Check out the following screenshots for a few examples.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Fluff

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Fluff 2

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The fact that the information is scattered and amongst a sea of fluff are probably the two main reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you. There are a few other ones, however, which are worthy of mentioning.

Other Tidbits Of Information On Visual Impact Muscle Building

Another reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you is because I know for a fact that there are better products out there. This product costs $47, and there are plenty of other products that offer more value than Visual Impact Muscle Building and for cheaper.

There’s also not much nutritional information in this product about building muscle. The information that he does provide on the topic is really great, but it’s just a bit lackluster, and it’s not enough for me to recommend this product to you.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Nutrition Information

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Visual Impact Muscle Building Nutrition Information 2

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And that wraps up my review on Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building product.

Visual Impact Muscle Building Final Rating: B-

It contains a few key principles on building muscle, and the exercise guide is extensive and extremely well-detailed, but it’s too expensive for what it’s providing, and I’ve seen products which are cheaper and provide higher quality information with a bit of video to accompany it. For this reason, I can’t recommend this product to my Health Fanatic Family.

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Remember guys and gals, if you ever have any questions about any of the reviews I’ve written, just comment! I’m here to help you out, and I love talking and building relationships with people who read my works. I hope yall are having a splendid day, you’ve been eating healthy, and you’re absolutely smashing your health goals. As always…

Train Hard. Eat Healthy. Sleep Good.

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