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Damn, I’m sippin’ on this Mi-Chai Tea that I found in the cupboard, and it’s put me in the mood to review some exercise products. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Joint Pain Relief Codes by Jonathon Bender. He’s made a bunch of claims on his sales video – he says that these principles have helped people enjoy stability, mobility, and peace of mind unmatched by any drugs, surgery, or grueling therapy. He even says that these principles have helped people changed their lives in a matter of days, going from decades of joint pain to a functioning, stable body. He’s touched on a bunch of emotional points, saying things like “Imagine what it would be like to be able to walk with your dog, play with your kids, etc.”

Let’s see if Jonathan Bender’s Joint Pain Relief Code product can live up to these sales claims.

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The team here at HealthVI is dedicated to writing honest, authentic, real reviews on a wide array of health/fitness/weight loss products. I’ve been doing this stuff for the past 6-7 years now, and I’d like to think that I’ve got stacks of knowledge that I can use to help others on their health journey. I use this knowledge by reviewing these products and letting you guys know whether or not they’re worth your time and money. Essentially, what I’m saying is that we actually care about your results, and we’ll do everything we can to steer you away from the sea of crappy health products, and lean you towards the golden health nuggets that we come across every now and then.

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Joint Pain Relief Codes Review In A Nutshell

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole review, and you just want the review summary, here it is:

Joint Pain Relief Codes is a fluff-filled, overhyped product that contains a bunch of free strategies that you can find with the help of our best friends Google and Youtube. There’s so much fluff in the product, as well as a bunch of affiliate links; it’s practically a terribly presented joint pain relief story, rather than an in-depth instructional guide on relieving joint pain.

Your money and time are better invested elsewhere.

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Joint Pain Relief Codes With Upsells And Downsells

As always, some other products were being offered after the initial purchase of Jonathan’s product. Nothing too fancy, just an upsell, a down sell, then an upsell for a private coaching program.

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After skipping these products, I was taken to a download access page where I was able to grab the Joint Pain Relief Codes. I chucked it onto the ol’ Desktop, put on my review glasses, and got to work.

Firstly, There’s Stacks Of Fluff Throughout The Product

I’m not a scientist, but I’m lowkey sure that the brain can only process a certain amount of information at a given time. I’m sure you’ve experienced a moment back at school where you studied for waaaaay too long, and you were forced to take a break because your brain feels a little bit clouded. For this reason, I believe that it’s important to present just the essentials in a product, and leave all the fluff out.

In this case, Jonathon has included a bunch of motivational, inspirational fluff throughout the product.

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I’m not here to judge whether this information is right or wrong, I’m just here to let you know that there’s a bunch of this stuff throughout the product.

Secondly, There’s A Number Of Affiliate Links Throughout The Product

Jonathan spends a lot of time and resources to try and get you to buy a number of other products; I guess in hopes that if you buy it he gets a fat juicy commission. The one he promotes the most is a “superfood” product called Daily Energy.

Joint Pain Relief Code Daily Energy

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He spends over 10 pages of straight up fluff trying to convince you that this product is the almighty superfood product, and it just screams the “give me your money” vibe.

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Thirdly, The Free Information Is Presented Terribly

The way that the instructional information is presented is terrible. First off, it’s just free information that you probably would’ve known anyways. He tells you to do things such as stretch, get a massage, practice good posture, etc. You shouldn’t have to pay $37 for information that you probably know, and if not, that you could find using our best friend Google for free.

Joint Pain Relief Code Crappy Info

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And even when he does explain the stretches, it’s in the blandest way that could EASILY be misinterpreted by the reader. I’m sure you know that form is one of the most important aspects of exercise because performing an exercise with improper form can do A LOT more harm than good for your body.

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And there’s no video content to help the reader perform the already-vague stretches and exercises that he’s talking about. I mean, he gives a link to two videos, but 5 minutes isn’t enough to explain and portray a problem as severe as joint pain.

Joint Pain Relief Codes Final Rating: D

I can easily sum up this product with a few statements:

  • The “how-to” information is extremely vague, and it doesn’t adequately teach the reader how to perform the exercises
  • The information is also presented terribly and in a way that makes it hard for the reader to dissect the good from the bad.
  • There’s a bunch of pages in the product dedicated to trying to persuade you to buy a product which Jonathan would get a commission for.
  • Oh, and Joint Pain Relief Codes costs $37 which is $37 too much for a bunch of free,fluff-filled information.

Because of all of this, I can safely say that you should stay away from this product.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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