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Let’s cut the chit-chat and jump straight into the review. I’ve got something special for you ladies reading this who wanna build some sexy, lean muscle without looking bulky. Today, I’ll be going through She Lifts created by Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell. These two dudes claim that She Lifts is a foolproof plan for women who want to build muscle, lose fat, and get stronger at the same time. They also claim that it can help you lose up to 5 lbs per month and build 12 lbs of lean muscle in your first year. Lastly, they claim that it can potentially help you add an extra 30 lbs to your lifts within only 6 months.

Ultimately, Michael Samuels and Jason Maxwell claim that She Lifts will help you sculpt a sexy body without look too bulky and monstrous like those jacked-up bodybuilders. Let’s see if they’ve got a good enough product for my to recommend to my Health Fanatic family.

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Ian (the big boss) and I have dedicated this site to providing honest, real reviews to you. Our job is to educate you on the sea of health and fitness fluff there is on the internet. In doing so, you’re provided with a bit of entertainment (well, I hope my writing is entertaining; otherwise it’s back to being a receptionist b-word), and you also save tons of money and time since you’re not wasting those crucial resources on useless products. In the process of reviewing these products, we come across a few affordable golden nuggets, and we do our best to make sure you invest in those products since they’ll help you become the healthiest, stronger, and the happiest version of yourself.

With that outta the way, let’s move onto the She Lifts review.

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She Lifts Review At A Glance

She Lifts is another product that you can add to the garbage can. Despite the fact that it’s relatively cheap for a Health and Fitness product, it doesn’t contain much educational information and it’s filled with a ton of fluff guides to make it look as if though you’re getting more value than you actually are. They’ve included some video content, which is nice, but it’s essentially just a big “how-to” guide – nothing else. For these reasons…

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She Lifts With A Few Upsells

There were three upsells on offer after the purchase of Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell’s strength training program. These upsells include a nutrition guide, an advanced She Lifts program, and an 8-week weight lifting program.

She Lifts Upsells 1

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She Lifts Upsells 2

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After skipping the upsells, I was expecting to be taken to a membership site or something similar but instead was lead to a Dropbox page where I was able to download the She Lifts guides and bonuses.

She Lifts Dropbox

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I jumped into the She Lifts guides, and the first thing I noticed was how much educational material is missing from the program.

She Lifts Is All “How-To” With No “Why.”

One of the most important things I look for in a health and fitness product is the “why” behind a particular concept or fundamental. Us humans have to know the reason why we do something; we’re selfish creatures, and knowing the “how-to” information isn’t motivating enough for us. To get us to do something, we wanna know the specific reasons as to how doing something will benefit us.

Once I jumped into the She Lifts guides, I was expecting to see a few chapters on the science behind weight lifting. Unfortunately, I was just met with a barrage of “how-to” information. The main guide only includes a few pieces of information on the science behind weightlifting, touching on benefits such as how you burn more calories over a prolonged period of time if you strength train.

She Lifts Educational Information 1

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She Lifts Educational Information 2

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The nutrition guide was a bit better; it teaches you things such as macronutrients, and the calories that you’ll need to eat if you wanna cut, maintain, or gain weight (gaining weight isn’t as bad as it seems. When you strength train and slowly gain weight, the extra mass will come from muscle mass, not fat gain).

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After checking out the main guides, I went on to scope out all the bonus guides that Jason and Mike included. But after going through each one of them, I noticed something fishy about the extra guides…

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The Extra She Lifts Guides Are Just Extra Fluff

Generally, people add more guides to increase the perceived value of the product. From the customer’s perspective, they get the feeling of “it includes more, so I must be getting a bargain!” Unfortunately, the majority of the extra guides they’ve included is just repeated content from the main She Lifts guide.

For example, here is the amount of files that I downloaded from the Dropbox page.

She Lifts Extra Guides 1

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Looks like a ton of material, right?

I wanted to check out the extra powerlifting program that they included, and I had a quick look through the content of the guide.

She Lifts Extra Guides 3

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After checking this out, I went back to the main guide and found the exact same material in the main guide that they’ve included in the She Lifts powerlifting program – they’ve essentially repackaged certain extracts from the main guide and slapped a different label on it.

She Lifts Extra Guides 2

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It was quite disappointing to see that the “extra value” that they’ve provided was already in the main guide. The last thing I’d mention about She Lifts is that Jason and Mike have provided a few videos to go along with the program.

She Lifts Includes Some Video Content

Video¬†content is always good to see with health and fitness products, especially ones that are teaching you how to lift weights since your form while lifting weights is extremely important and needs to be set-in-stone from the get go. Jason and Mike have included some exercise demonstrations that comes with the She Lifts program, so it was good to see them taking the time to provide some extra material that’s actually relatively valuable to you.

She Lifts Video 1

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To be completely honest, the video quality wasn’t the best, the audio wasn’t the best, but it’s still better than nothing I guess.

And that’s it for Mike Samuels and Jason Maxwell’s She Lifts Program!

She Lifts Final Rating: C

Considering the fact that it’s just straightforward how-to information that you could easily find on the internet for free, also how there’s a ton of fluffed up guides included which falsely increases the perceived value of the product, ¬†I’ll happily give this product a solid C. She Lifts isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not something that’s worth your time and money investment.

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