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I just finished a crazy good full body workout, so I’m sitting sippin’ on a chocolate and banana protein shake, and I’m ready to give you a dose of authentic, honest, and quality entertainment.

Today, I’ll be reviewing Bodyweight Surge by Jason Klein. Jason has made a few pretty huge claims on his sales page; he says that this product will teach you how to ramp up your metabolism and “… burn 14-lbs of pure fat in 14 days or less.” He says that Bodyweight Surge can help you to burn belly fat and build strength in the comfort of your own home. He also says that all of these hyped promises of having you burning belly fat with little to no effort can be accomplished without dieting.

Yikes! That’s a big one. Burning belly fat without dieting? You’ve gotta have some big kahunas to make a statement like that. Let’s see if Jason Klein has the bite to go along with that loud bark of his.

FYI – HealthVI Isn’t Affiliated With Jason Or His Bodyweight Surge Program

A commission never sways our reviews here at HealthVI. When the big ol’ boss Ian was teaching me how to write, he said that every single review needs to be written with honesty. Every review is written with your best interest in mind; I don’t want my Health Fanatic family to be wasting any time or money on some stupid, half-arsed health product that provides no value to you whatsoever.

With that out of the way, let’s move onto the review.

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Bodyweight Surge Review Summary

Bodyweight Surge is just another product to add to the garbage can. It contains very little information on nutrition and exercise, and instead just contains the “how-to” information which can be found online for free with a few Google searches. The nutritional and exercise guides are extremely lackluster, and it’s definitely not a product that will help you to lose 14 lbs of pure belly fat in 14 days like the sales pages says so. The only reason why I’d recommend this product (if I was to do so) would be because it costs only $7, but even then, it’s just a waste of time for you.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Bodyweight Surge With Some Upsells On The Side

There was a total of three upsells on offer after the purchase of Jason Klein’s bodyweight product. To be completely honest, they all looked like typical, generic products that aren’t necessarily required for you to burn fat and build muscle.

Bodyweight Surge Upsell 1

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Bodyweight Surge Upsell 2

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If you’ve read some of my past reviews, you’ll know that I believe if the product being reviewed is crap, then it’s a pretty surefire indicator that the upsells are crap as well.

After skipping the upsells, I accessed the download page that looked a lil’ something like this.

Bodyweight Surge Membership Site

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There’s only one good thing that I’d have to say about this product, and it’s the fact that it costs only $7. Not too much of a money investment, however, the information contained in this product wasn’t good enough for me to recommend to my Health Fanatic Family, and it’s because of a few things in particular…

First – The Sales Claims Are Clickbait As Hell

For some reason, people are just so attracted to getting the maximum amount of results with the least amount of effort required. Everyone’s scared to change up their routine, everyone’s scared to put in a bit of hard work, and everyone wants it now. Not, tomorrow, not next week, they want it right now.

Well, Jason has made some pretty over realistic claims on his sales page. Peep the following screenshots for a few examples.

Bodyweight Surge Sales Claims

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I know that these claims are full of crap; to think that you can lose 14 pounds of pure body fat in under 14 days is straight up ridiculous. Now, if Jason delivered a high-quality product, even though the sales claims are outrageous, I still would have recommended it. However, Bodyweight Surge is missing a few key ingredients that prevent me from recommending it to my Health Fanatic Family…

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There’s Very Little Education Information¬†Included

Both from a nutritional and an exercise perspective, there’s not much educational information on these two topics which actually teaches the weight loss and muscle building principles to the reader. The main guide is 58 pages long, and there are only a couple of pages with educational information in there. The rest is just exercise examples and all of the legal mumbo-jumbo.

Bodyweight Surge Short Guide

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Bodyweight Surge Short Guide 2

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The same applies to the nutritional guide too; it’s just a 14-page guide on fasting and macronutrients. Both, whilst being extremely valuable and helpful if you want to lose weight, are portrayed and taught in a lackluster manner.

Bodyweight Surge Short Guide 4

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These are principles that can be found online for free with a few searches on Google, which is one of the main reasons why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you guys and gals.

Other Pieces Of Information On Bodyweight Surge

Just to wrap everything up, here are a few other points I thought would be worthy of mentioning about Jason Klein’s product:

  • Even though it only costs $7, you’ve got to remember that you’re also investing time into whatever you do. A time investment into this isn’t something I’d recommend, and instead, you should find a wholesome product that costs a bit more but contains a lot more high-quality information.
  • Some of the exercises included are straight up weird. You don’t need any fancy-schmancy yoga moves where you’re making a ton of alphabet letters with your body if you want to lose weight; the basic compound ¬†movements are enough to get you going.
  • There’s a ton of videos to go along with the exercises, but it’s still not good enough for me to recommend this product to you.
Bodyweight Surge Video Content

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And that’s about it!

Bodyweight Surge Final Rating: D

I’m only rating this a D because it costs $7 – if it was in the $20 or more price range, I’d happily give it an F. Ultimately, Bodyweight Surge is a product that doesn’t deliver on its outrageous sales claims, there’s not enough quality information that teaches you the principles of building muscle and burning fat, and the exercises are a little bit wonky. It’s definitely not a product that I’d recommend to my Health Fanatic Family.

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