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Hopefully yall are having a splendid day, and you’re ready for another episode of Real Weight Loss Reviews. Man, I’m not gonna lie, this product was a little difficult to review, and I’ll explain why a little later. In today’s episode, I’ll be discussing Bodyweight Flow by Tyler Bramlett. Tyler says that there’s a “This Bizarre 2 Minute “Yoga-Like” Routine…Forces Your Body To Become 7% More Flexible And Burn Up To 53% More Calories In Just ONE SESSION !” He says that Bodyweight Flow can help you increase your metabolism and unlock your fat-burning potential.

Those are some ballsy claims, my friend. Let’s see if Bodyweight Flow can live up to them.

I’m Not Affiliated With Tyler Bramlett Or His Bodyweight Flow Program

Just so you know, I’m not affiliated with Tyler or his Bodyweight Flow Program. For those that are new to the Health Fanatic family, I want you to know something: This website is all about honest, real, reliable reviews. I’ve had over 5 years of experience with weight loss/health and fitness (if you think that’s not too much, I’m only 21, so cut me some slack); I’ve also lost over 70 lbs. I’ve got quite a bit of experience with this sorta stuff, and I use that experience to review health products. My job is to educate you and guide your purchasing decisions so you can invest in high quality, affordable products which will increase the quality of your health.

Now, before I get all sentimental, let’s move onto the review.

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Bodyweight Flow Review In A Nutshell

Let’s make one thing clear: if you want to lose weight, burn fat, and all that good stuff, then I wouldn’t recommend this product. It’s PERFECT for someone who’s wanting to be a yoga master or something like that because it has a number of different exercises that would be beneficial to them, but if you just want a sexy body, then I recommend that you don’t purchase this product.

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Bodyweight Flow And Some Upsells On The Side

As with every other product, Bodyweight Flow offered some upsells to go along with the initial purchase. Usually, the upsells are just generic weight loss information that isn’t necessarily required, so I usually just advise people to stay away from it (unless the upsell is something to do with support groups; studies have shown that a social aspect increases your chance of weight loss success).

Bodyweight Flow Upsells 1

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I skipped past the upsells and jumped straight into Tyler Bramlett’s weight loss product.

The Good Stuff About Tyler Bramlett’s Product

Initially, I thought that Bodyweight Flow was an excellent product for a number of reasons. First off, there’s plenty of video content for you to geese at which makes it easier for you to learn the exercises. The exercises are broken into Upper Body, Lower Body, And Fully Body exercises sections. Each of the sections has 7 Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercises (for those of you who failed at math and school like me, that’s a total of 21 exercises per section).

Bodyweight Flow Exercises 1

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I find that most people learn exercises a lot better when they have a video of someone doing it first so they can just copy them, rather than trying to learn the exercise themselves through words.

It also comes with a couple of calendars for you to follow making your Bodyweight Flow journey much easier, as well as a “7-Day Fat Loss  Flow Diet.”

But after having second thoughts, I changed my decision about the product, and here’s why.

Bodyweight Flow Is Lacking In Diet/Nutrition Information

The number one reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product is because the lack of diet/nutrition information that it has. Like I said, it does contain a little information on diet in the bonus guide, but it’s not enough to educate a person that’s looking to burn fat and lose weight. And since diet is the number one keystone of weight loss, I had to give this product a solid “no” in a good ol’ Simon Cowell fashion.

A really good product that promises to help you lose weight will teach you a bunch of diet principles such as the calorie deficit, intermittent fasting, drinking water to “fill” your stomach so you’re not eating foods that unnecessarily raise your caloric intake, finding foods that you like to fit into your caloric limit, etc. Tyler Bramwell’s product fails to teach you about these principles which is the main factor as to why I wouldn’t recommend you buy it.

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Bodyweight Flow Contains Too Many Unnecessary Exercises

Another reason why I wouldn’t recommend this product is because the sales claim in the video promises to help you lose weight. The whole premise of the sales page is that “if you buy this product, it’ll help you lose weight.”

Now if this product was marketed towards yoga experts or up-and-coming yoga geeks that wanna learn some more bodyweight exercises to use, then I would 100% recommend this product to them. But I’m assuming you’re here to lose weight, burn fat, and get a healthy body, not to become the new Yoda of Yoga. Here are some whacky positions, so you know what I’m talking about.

Bodyweight Flow Weird Exercises 1

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Bodyweight Flow Weird Exercises2

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Bodyweight Flow Weird Exercises 3

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I started exercising with bodyweight exercises almost 7 years ago from now, and a quick free search on Google has more than enough information on bodyweight exercises that you can use in your training routine.

Bodyweight Flow Final Rating: D

If you want to lose weight and burn fat, I highly recommend you stay away from this product. I’ve got nothing against Tyler Bramlett; to be honest, he seems like a cool dude from his videos, but Bodyweight Flow can’t actually be categorized as a weight loss product. A Yoga/Calisthenics product? Yes indeed. But not a weight loss product.

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