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Holy moly you’re in for a treat today. I think I’ve literally found the best diet-specific weight loss product that I’ve ever reviewed. And I’m not just saying that to make you go and buy it; if you know me, and you’ve read some of my past reviews, you know that I’m completely honest with my reviews. The Fat Diminisher System is a complete waste of your time and money, the 3 Week Diet is a load of crap, and you should avoid it like the plague, and the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is okay, but it’s not anything special.

But today, I’ve found something special. In this episode of Real Weight Loss reviews, I’ll be reviewing The Half Day Diet, which is written by Nate Miyaki and Kalai Diamond. Nate’s says that The Half Day Diet will help you:

  • Enjoy carbs while still receiving the fat burning benefits of a low carb diet
  • Your hormones will be optimized to burn fat and lose weight
  • You’ll lose weight permanently and in an enjoyable fashion

Those are some big claims brother! Let’s see if you’ve got bite to go along with your bark.

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 The Half Day Diet Review In A Nutshell

I understand that there are some of you who’re thinking, “Shutup Danyon! I just want the quick answer.” Don’t worry, I’ve got you fam – here’s The Half Day Diet Review in 15 seconds:

The Half Day Diet is the best diet product I’ve reviewed as it contains all the necessary information for you to lose weight in a long term, sustainable, enjoyable fashion. This product is 100% worth both your time and money. If you’re someone who wants to lose weight AND have a healthy body at the same time, The Half Day Diet is for you.

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A Couple Of Good Upsells To Begin With

Upon purchasing the product, I was met with a few upsells. There were a few generic upsells, but there were also ones that I considered “good upsells” in the sense that Nate Miyaki was offering free services/trials for me as well as customized meal plans; a breath of fresh air compared to the other generic upsells I’ve encountered.

The Half Day Diet Upsell 1

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The Half Day Diet Upsell 2

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The Half Day Diet Upsell 4

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The Half Day Diet Upsell 5

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So that’s the initial process. Once I accessed The Half Day Diet product, I began reading and had trouble stopping because of how good it is.

The Layout Of The Half Day Diet Is Impeccable

The Half Day Diet is structured in a way that’s quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen. It’s extremely easy to read due to the fact that it has high-quality information presented in an entertaining manner; marketing guru, Dan Kennedy, calls this infotainment (information that’s also entertaining).

The way that the information is structured is like this:

  1. He tells you the lesson that he’s going to teach you.
  2. He tells you a story of a client that he’s trained and how they’ve used that lesson to lose weight.
  3. He then gives you a summary of what to do
  4. He explains WHY the concept is so beneficial and how it helps the body to back up his claims
  5. He tells you the literal, actionable steps that you need to do in order to implement this lesson
  6. He uses scientific research/studies to reinforce his claims and concepts
  7. He sums everything up that’s been covered in that chapter

In essence, he’s telling you the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the concept in order for you to implement it into your daily life and then ultimately lose weight and burn fat.

Here are a few screenshots of the structure in action.

The Half Day Diet Lesson Eg

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The Half Day Diet Client Story Eg

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The Half Day Diet Summary Of What To Do

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The Half Day Diet Why Structure

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The Half Day Diet Practical Steps

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The Half Day Diet Research Eg

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The Half Day Diet Chapter Summary Eg

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The presentation of the information makes it extremely easy and enjoyable to read so that you’re not only learning how to lose weight, but you’re having an enjoyable experience while doing it.

The Quality Of The Information Is Incredibly Valuable And Backed Up With Scientific Studies

Legit, it’s like Nate Miyaki has taken every single one of the principle that I used to lose around 70 pounds, and he’s laid them out in an easy-to-read fashion with scientific evidence to back it up. Here’s a shot of me at 275 pounds, and later at 202 pounds.

Selfie hehe

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The foundation of The Half Day Diet is the following:

  • Eat wholesome, nutritionally-dense foods that are filling but are low in calories (e.g. fruits, vegetables, meats, fish)
  • Drink lots Of water
  • Fast for the majority of the day, and get the bulk of your calories at night time
  • If you’re exercising, incorporate carbs from foods such as rice and sweet potatoes
  • If you’re not exercising, increase your fat intake from healthy sources such fats from animal protein, or other sources such as avocados and coconut oil
  • Incorporate cheat meals either once or twice a week to give you a mental and physiological break from dieting.

Here are a few screenshots of excerpts from the product.

The Half Day Diet Interesting Point

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The Half Day Diet Calories Serge

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The Half Day Diet Crash Diets

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The Half Day Diet Practical Info

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The Half Day Diet Health And Weight loss

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It’s such a simple yet effective way of eating; it’s easy to maintain a calorie deficit when you’re fasting for the majority of the day, and when you break your fast, you’re eating full meals containing wholesome, nutrient-dense food. Not only that, but you’re allowed to have cheat days every now and then to give you a break and allow you to splurge on your favorite foods.

He provides clear, concise information on these topics as well as over 15 pages of scientific articles/studies/resources to back up his claims as to why this diet is so effective.

The Half Day Diet Resources

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The Half Day Diet Resources 2

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An easy-to-follow diet with information that’s backed up by science. Can it get any better?

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Random Tidbits Of Information

He’s also stated multiple times throughout the book that the number one rule to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit. This is a key thing to remember; you can be eating all the vegetables, fruits and healthy meats in the world but if you’re in a caloric surplus, you’re still going to gain weight.

The Half Day Diet Calories

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The Half Day Diet Calories 2

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The Half Day Diet Calories 3

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Another handy piece of information is that the products are stored on a neat little website, and it comes with four additional bonuses that are absolutely free.

The Half Day Diet website layout 1

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The Half Day Diet website layout 2

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The Half Day Diet website layout 3

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It just makes things a lot easier and cleaner when you have a website dedicated to the products.

The Half Day Diet Final Rating: A+

This is the first ever diet-product I’ve reviewed that has covered every aspect of what makes a good weight loss product:

  • Nate Miyaki has said multiple times throughout the product that to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit
  • The diet is based around wholesome, nutrient-dense foods which taste great and are extremely filling. These foods are also extremely beneficial for your longevity and are great foods for weight loss
  • Nate has incorporated the use of cheat days to give your mind and body a bit of relief from dieting
  • He’s included realistic projections in regards to weight loss
  • The information is presented in an easy-to-read manner and is backed up with scientific information

I’m happy to see that there are still fitness experts that are worried about the overall health of their consumers. Kudos to you, Nate!

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Have Any Questions? Ask Below!

I’ve said this like a billion times already. Seriously, if you have any questions, just comment below, and I’ll get to them as quickly as I can. I’d love to talk to you about your weight loss journey, and see how everything’s going.

Catch ya later Health Fanatics!