The E-Factor Diet Review

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I’m on a roll this week; My goal was to review at least five products, and this is my fourth. The next contender for a shot at the “Real Weight Loss Review” trophy is The E-Factor Diet by John Rowley. John claims that The E-Factor Diet will help you to lose weight and burn fat. Not only that, but he says that it will also help you to increase the quality of your health, build muscle, ramp up your metabolism, and make you feel ten years younger!

Once again, health fanatics, we’ve got another player in the game who’s making some big boy claims. Let’s see if The E-Factor Diet is as good as John claims it to be.

I’m Not an Affiliate for The E-Factor Diet

I’m just a Health Fanatic much like yourself. My job is to review weight loss products so that you don’t have to worry about whether a product is legit or not. My job is to help your purchasing decisions so that you don’t have to waste your time and money with any weight loss product that’s crappy and filled with free information. I like to call myself a “product sifter.”

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into the review.

The E-Factor Diet Review In Under 15 Seconds

If you don’t have time to read the whole review, then I’ve added a quick review summary here just for you:

The E-Factor Diet is good, but it’s not great. It’s got some good information on the right types of foods to eat, and it contains a bit of mindset/motivational material; it’s got the basics of any good diet program. But it’s not great. It lacks information on a few essential weight loss principles such as calories in versus calories out, and the way the information is presented could be improved.

The E-Factor Diet Review Featured Image

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35 Minute Sales Video With Typical Upsells

I can see why products like this and Craig Ballantyne’s 6 Minutes To Skinny aren’t as popular as other weight loss products – they have unskippable sales videos.

The E-Factor Diet has a 35-minute sales video that you can’t skip, and you have to watch till at least 15 minutes of it before the purchase option even becomes available. The presentation is sooooo annoying, and it takes extremely long for the video presenter to get to the point.

Here’s a screenshot of the sales video.

The E-Factor Diet Sales Video 2

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The E-Factor Diet Sales Video 1

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I can see why the video has gotten so many dislikes; a lot of the other viewers agree that it’s too long.

The E-Factor Diet Comment

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The E-Factor Diet Comment 2

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The E-Factor Diet Comment 3

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After finally reaching the point of the video where he “so graciously” allowed me to purchase the product, he then proceeded to try and upsell me the typical diet and exercise products.

The E-Factor Diet Upsell 1

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The E-Factor Diet Upsell 2

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The E-Factor Diet Upsell 3

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The E-Factor Diet Upsell 4

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The E-Factor Diet Upsell 5

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The E-Factor Diet Upsell 6

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At this point, I’m in a bit of a bad mood because of the unskippable, long, boring sales video and the typical upsells that just scream “give me your money.”

I finally dove into the product, and this is what I found…

The E-Factor Diet Consists Of Healthy, Fundamental Food Choices

Any diet that claims to bring more energy and improve the health of your body needs to contain nutrient-dense foods that are crucial for your body’s growth and development. Foods such as green, leafy vegetables, healthy sources of protein, etc. The E-Factor Diet primarily consists of a low carb approach too, so John Rowley heavily encourages an increase in healthy fats from sources such as avocados and coconut oil.

John Rowley provides a list of food choices which are acceptable eat on The E-Factor Diet.

The E-Factor Diet Food List 1

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The E-Factor Diet Food List 2

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The E-Factor Diet Food List 3

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The E-Factor Diet Food List 4

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John also includes a sample day of eating, so you can have something to reference to.

The E-Factor Diet Sample

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Another thing worth mentioning about The E-Factor Diet is that John heavily advocates finding what foods work for you and your body. As you may or may not know, different body types can react differently to certain foods. Someone following John Rowley’s diet can have completely different results, simply because their genetic makeups are different.

The E-Factor Diet Customized 2

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The E-Factor Diet Customized 1

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I think this is a great approach to dieting however it does require a bit of self-awareness.

He’s also included cheat days in your diet which are days where you have a break from dieting and indulge in your favorite foods. This gives you a bit of a psychological break from dieting, plus studies have shown that your body benefits from an influx of high-calorie days mixed in with low-calorie days.

The E-Factor Diet Cheat Days

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The E-Factor Diet Also Includes A Bit Of Mindset/Motivational Material

I personally love mindset/habit/mentality/attitude material; I’ve lost over 70 lbs myself, and the number one question that I get asked is the typical, “How did you do it?”

The problem with this type of question is that it’s an “information question. The reason why it’s not a good question to ask is because there are few people in the world who either don’t know how to lose weight, or they don’t have access to the information. For this reason, a better question to ask would be, “What made you do lose weight?” or “Why did you lose weight?” This is why I believe mindset material is so important.

The E-Factor Diet includes information on habits, goals, motivation, etc. Here are a few screenshots of some of the mindset material.

The E-Factor Diet Mindset Material 1

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The E-Factor Diet Mindset Material 2

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The E-Factor Diet Mindset Material 3

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The E-Factor Diet Mindset Material 4

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The E-Factor Diet Mindset Material 5

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Some people hate this type of material; others love it. It doesn’t hurt to have it in here, though.

The E-Factor Diet Final Rating: B

So why wouldn’t I recommend a diet product like this to someone?

Because I’ve seen better, a lot better.

Like I said, this product is good, but it’s not great. Great is The Half Day Diet, it contains much more information on calories, cheat days, and overall food knowledge. Plus, the way the information is presented is waaaaaay better than The E-Factor Diet. The Half Day Diet is just an overall better diet product than this, and so I’d recommend you check The Half Day Diet out before making your purchasing decision.

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Have Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions, just comment below, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. I’ve lost over 70 pounds, and I’ve got over 6 years of experience with diet, exercise, weight loss, and all that jazz.

Train Hard. Eat Healthy. Sleep Good.

Cya later, Health Fanatics!