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Damn, it’s a good day to review some weight loss products. Whenever I find an absolutely terrible product, it reminds me why I love my job so much. Today, I’ll be reviewing The Lean Gut Diet by Samuel Larson. Samuel has made all of the typical health and weight loss claims on his sales page – he says that The Lean Gut Diet is the ultimate blueprint to help you lose weight, burn fat, and boost your sex drive simultaneously. He also says that his product will help you to balance out the bad bacteria floating around in your gut, whilst regenerating any damaged cells, reverse your aging process, and rewind your “aging clock” by ten years in just a short period of time.

I’ve heard it all before. Let’s see if Samuel Larson’s diet product can withstand the wrath of ol’ self-proclaimed review king, Danyon Togia.

FYI – I’m Not An Affiliate For The Lean Gut Diet

How stupid would I be to recommend a product that I’m about to destroy? First off, it would ruin our sweet lil relationship that we’ve got going on (just don’t tell your spouse about me, okay?), and second off, I’d essentially just be recommending you to waste your time and money on a crappy diet product.

If you’re new to HealthVI, there’s one thing I want you to know: My reviews really are written with your best interest in mind. I’m so honest about my reviews that it even causes the big ol’ boss Ian to lose a few potential affiliate checks here and there.

Why do I do this? Because I’m all about providing you with entertaining, authentic, and honest reviews that help your purchasing decisions. This way, you’re spending your money on the golden nugget health products, and not the sea of crappy ones that are out there on the ol’ Interwebz.

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The Lean Gut Diet Review Summary

The Lean Gut Diet is just another crappy diet product to add to your garbage can. Even though, if followed, the product CAN help increase the quality of your health, it contains a ton of fluffed up material and not much actual information on how to lose weight. It doesn’t have any video content to support it, it’s free information at a cost, and the angle that Samuel Larson has taken is quite manipulative in my opinion.

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The Lean Gut Diet Upsells

There was a total of three upsells on offer after the purchase of The Lean Gut Diet. These products included a discounted offer on The X-Factor Diet (another product that I’ve reviewed which is complete B.S.), the X-Factor Workout videos (which I’m sure are B.S. too), and a greens supplement called Green Juice. After declining The X-Factor Diet upsell, an annoying little popup appeared with a background voice saying something along the lines of, “Hey, you must have miss clicked! Click here to buy this!”

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It’s a pretty bad indicator of The Lean Gut Diet that immediately after purchasing it, you’re offered another product that I know for 100% fact is a complete waste of time as well. I guess it comes back to that ol’ saying of Crap tends to breed more Crap.

Anyways, I skipped the upsells, and was taken to a download page that looks like this.

The Lean Gut Diet Membership Site

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I downloaded the product, and the first thing I noticed about The Lean Gut Diet was the fact the amount of fluff it contains.

Hey, Would You Like Some Lean Gut Diet To Go Along With That Motivational Fluff?

Self-help/motivational material isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that the customers who purchase this product are expecting to receive educational material on how to lose weight, burn fat, clean up their gut, and all that jazz; I’m 99% sure that they don’t want stacks of fluffed up motivational material to sift through. Unfortunately, that’s what Samuel Larson has included, and tons of it too.

The Lean Gut Diet Motivational Material 1

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For example, you’d think that the chapter about rebuilding your gut bacteria would be about that exactly. Well surprise, surprise! Within the first 2 pages, Samuel is already shoving a bunch of “feel good information” down your throat.

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Not necessarily something you’d expect to be in a chapter titled “Phase 2 – Rebuilding your Gut Bacteria: Good Bacteria to the rescue,” is it?

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Samuel Larson’s Approach Is Also Quite Manipulative

I understand that marketers need to use clickbait to get people to click on their ish’. But you have to deliver quality if you’re going to give overhyped, over realistic promises such as the claims that Samuel makes throughout his sales page. For example, Samuel Larson’s chapter titled “Top Secret Information That Will BLOW Your Mind!” contains the “extremely secret piece of information” that your nutrition is key to your weight loss.

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He also says that the reason why you’re fat is because you’ve been lied to from a bunch of supplement, drug, and food companies (which, in a sense, is also true), but he claims that most person trainers and dieticians don’t know the basic information that you could find for free on google about your gut health.

The Lean Gut Diet Misleading Info

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Extra Tidbits Of The Lean Gut Diet Information

Here are just some extra pointers about Samuel Larson’s product that I thought were worth mentioning:

  • There’s not much weight loss specific information in here at all. There’s almost no information on being in a caloric deficit, which is literally the number one requirement for weight loss to occur. You’d think that it would be mentioned in here somewhere considering the fact that it’s a guide marketed towards people who want to lose weight. I mean, it is called The Lean Gut Diet.
  • There’s quite a bit of “here and there” information, which is info that’s similar to article-styled websites. There’s a chapter on turmeric, and then a chapter on acacia powder and a bunch of other random information just added in to increase the fluff of the product.
  • He includes a bit of educational information on exercise and how to use it to accelerate the weight loss process. However, he doesn’t go into much detail about it; he just states a few facts and a few easy exercise examples.
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And that’s about it!

The Lean Gut Diet Final Rating: D

Considering the amount of fluffed up information in here, plus the lack of video content, and the price point of Samuel Larson’s diet product, I can happily advise you to stay away from this product. I’ve seen much better products out there which are cheaper, includes video content, and takes away the fluff (check out the Venus Factor). For these reasons…

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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